S’porean Makes the Most Honest & Hilarious Video on Being a Grab/Uber Driver

If you’re on the fence of whether to be an Uber / Grab driver, or you’re a regular Uber customer who likes giving 1-Star review simply because you don’t like your driver’s face, then you’ve got to hear what this Singaporean has to say.

Roger Ng is a local Vblogger and an Uber / Grab driver who also holds a full-time job. His video of “Being a GrabCar & Uber Driver in SG” could well be one of the most informative and entertaining take about being a private car hirer in Singapore.

There has been many hearsay on the Internet about being an Uber / Grab driver, primarily from drivers who complain about how little they’re earning after all the expenses and the change of incentives. In fact, some drivers even claim that they’re not making money.

But after watching Roger Ng’s video, you might realize there has been many lies by omission.

The 15-minute video (which is considered long in YouTube) provides comprehensive information about being a driver, and several new stuffs that might shock you. If you’ve no fifteen minutes to spare, here’re some of the key takeaways.

You can make money with Uber
Yes, no matter what others say, you do make money with Uber, unless you take five hours break and work six hours a day. And remember this: you also get yourself a car, which if you think about it, is very expensive in Singapore.

It’s competitive like siao
Just take a look at 12:05, and you’ll get the idea. Now you know why you can often get a private hired car whenever you need one, eh?

The solution to avoid surge pricing is to wait
According to Roger, when PHV drivers reach the surge pricing area, the surge pricing would most likely have been removed…and there’ll be many additional PHVs there. In other words, if you can afford to wait, just wait and save some money.

A Singapore Uber driver must keep a rating of at least 4.3 stars
Say what? Roger mentions that in Singapore, 5 stars is a pass…and 4 stars is a fail. That’s crazy, isn’t it? So do yourself and your driver’s livelihood a favour: give him or her a 5-star if you’ve got no major issue.

Earnings have dropped
Most likely due more people driving, and with the increasing expenses. In other words, what a driver earns two years ago is more than what he earns now.

If you’re free, do watch the full video, because it’s not just interesting to know more about being an Uber / Grab driver—it’s real fun to hear his witty comments!

Featured Image: YouTube (Roger Ng)

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