S’pore Uncle & Auntie Starts a Vulgar Shouting Match on MRT, Passerby Gives One Of Them A ‘Lecture’


Just recently, an uncle and auntie were caught in a shouting match on the train. Granted, we are sure that such things happen almost every day, but what made this particular incident stand out was that someone actually came out to ‘lecture’ the uncle and to give him a piece of her mind.

Well, doesn’t get more epic than that.

Apparently, the uncle raised his leg on the MRT and ‘kicked’ the auntie because she was sleepy and he wanted to prompt her to wake up. Though it was allegedly by ‘accident’, it still angered the lady and she demanded an apology from the uncle.

The uncle denied, and this angered the auntie who started arguing with him as he was unapologetic.

In the video, the auntie can be seen yelling at the uncle. They then spewed vulgarities at one another and the uncle ended up spewing Hokkien vulgarities at the auntie.

However, a passerby actually stepped in to ‘lecture’ the uncle

A netizen who responded to the online post, Facebook user Ruth Ang, said that she saw the incident and stepped in to intervene.

According to the Facebook post, Ruth explained:

“I did I told the uncle auntie sleeping and you tiao kah and accidentally kick her and she woke up of course she’s will get angry and confront and you even said no instead of not saying sorry I ask him if you sleeping then one person tiao kah and accidentally hit you and u wake up and u confront if that person say no and never say sorry instead you will also feel angry same thing this logic so the uncle kept quiet.”

But of course, no one can confirm if this really happened as it’s not in the video. Nevertheless…

Is this becoming a phenomenon in Singapore where the elderly becomes ‘entitled’? 

But what’s really interesting though, is when the online community started to share stories of their own in the comment thread. The stories revolved around how inconsiderate they are, and how some elderly feel that they can do anything regardless if they are right or wrong because they are ‘old’.

Well, that’s actually a pretty good point. 

Granted, we should respect these elderly and help them out whenever we can. However, there are really instances when the elderly just takes it for granted that the world should pamper them just because they are ‘old’. I’ve had experiences of that on my own, and I must say that they aren’t very pleasant to deal with.

How about you? Have any experiences to share with us?

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

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