S’pore Weathermen Told S’poreans to Be Prepared For A ‘Sizzling’ Hot 2019

If you think Singapore’s getting hotter nowadays?

You’re totally right.

And the experts at the weather service has this to say to Singaporeans:

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For this 2019 is going to be a “sizzling” year.

The El Niño Weather Phenomenon

According to the weather service in Singapore, there are signs that the El Nino phenomenon is highly likely to happen soon.

“The signs are there. We just need a kick start, such as a westerly wind burst, for it to happen.”

And when it does, Singaporeans can expect to see our (already hot) temperature soar up even more.

Temperature Getting Hotter By The Years

According to the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), Singapore’s coolest month this decade was at 26.9 degree Celsius.

Now, you’re thinking, that’s okay.

But it’s reportedly the same temperature as the hottest month in the 1970s.

Yes, increasing temperature in Singapore is a reality.

MSS also revealed that the mean annual temperature in 2018 was 27.9 degree Celsius, 0.2 degree Celsius warmer than 2017.

2018: The 8th Warmest Year

According to Dr Muhammad Eeqmal Hassim, a senior research scientist at the Centre for Climate Research Singapore, other than the temperature, there’s another worrying observation.

Because this time, the temperature’s that high even without the El Nino phenomenon.

An El Nino event is usually blamed for the hotter and drier weather in the region.

In fact, the top 5 warmest years recorded were strong El Nino years, with the 6th and 7th entries experiencing a weak El Nino effect.

But in 2018, there wasn’t any El Nino event, yet it made the 8th place on the warmest year list.

The New Norm

Singapore has shifted to higher temperatures and it’s here to stay according to Dr Muhammad.

So if you thought Singapore’s already horrendously warm, you’ve not seen anything yet.

So install aircon if you haven’t, service your aircon if you’ve not done so for the past few years.

After all, based on what the MSS has for us, it seems like we’re going to be depending on our aircon for the rest of this year.

Add to the fact that we have yet another season looming over our heads (read: haze) and you know you’ve got your work cut out for you.

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Don’t say bojio, eh? 😉