S’pore Will Get A Break From The Rain For The Second Week Of July

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Rushing to get to a place because you’re late, and Grab is $25 because it’s raining?

Wanting to wear your spanking new Converse Hello Kitty but don’t want to risk it with the weather?

Well, no matter what it is, you’ll be psyched to hear that Singapore is now taking a break from the rain. Eventually.

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S’pore To Have A Wet First Week

According to the Meteorological Service of Singapore (MSS), Singapore will continue to experience thundery showers for the first week of July.

You can expect short showers in the late morning and early afternoon on three to five days this week.

Yes, guys, we’re talking lunch hour. So if your office and the nearby cai png stall has no shelter, bring an umbrella.

Plus, there’s a possibility of widespread showers with gusty winds in the morning, so it might be good to bring a change of socks and slippers with you as well.

But Things Will Get Better In The Second Week

The region will likely experience drier conditions next week. The reason: The monsoon rain band will shift away from the equator.


Prepare some light, breathable clothing because the daily temperature can go as high as 35 degrees Celsius on some days.

On most days, the temperature is expected to stay between 25 and 34 degrees Celsius.

Be Prepared For Humid Nights

If you don’t have aircon or don’t have the habit to switch it on throughout the night, you might want to consider doing it.

Because the weathermen have a warning for you: Be prepared for warm and humid nights.

Warm and humid air will be blown towards Singapore from the southeast, and they expect minimum temperatures during the night-time to be up to 28 degrees Celsius on some days.

Outlook For The Next Four Days

Now, for something a little more concrete, what is the weather looking like over the next four days?

Image: weather.gov.sg

Well, if you love rain, congratulations because it’s going to rain in the late morning and early afternoon on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

For those who dread it, you have a day of reprieve (Tuesday) where the weather is forecasted to be fair and warm before you go through “hell week”.

But don’t worry though because the month of July and August 2019 are expected to be “drier” months with lower rainfall count compared to the previous few months.

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