Witch in S’pore Earn S$30K a Month Doing Black Magic That Works; Customer Even Asked Her To Help Grow His Private Part


Witches? In Singapore? Huuuh?

To be fair, Southeast Asia is just one whole mixing pot of the supernatural and various interesting folk traditions that we might deem as “dark” and “weird”. So witches seem to fit right in with the nature of our heritage.

AsiaOne’s original series, UnXpected, has done an interview with a 28-year-old witch in Singapore who goes by the alias, Bambi.

Check out the video interview here.

Was Her Calling

Bambi initially was an English tuition teacher as she had studied politics and wanted to make use of her education, but later felt that the path was not right for her.

After quitting in 2019, she began her tarot card reading services on Carousell, where she had amassed S$10,000 in a single month.

“I really need to expand this, it was like a calling,” she said.

Then she branched out into reiki and chakra healing, which helped relieve the physical ailments of both humans and animals.

Currently, she makes S$30,000 a month. Most of her clients come from outside Singapore, as witchcraft is less stigmatised.

AsiaOne reported that Bambi had encounters with such beings since young. She would often see shadows from the corner of her eyes, even noticing a “smoky presence with eyes” once when she was playing with her cousin.

Even her mother and grandmother had similar encounters and were not fazed by what she had gone through.

Bambi’s Shop and Her Spells

According to Bambi herself, she had at least 30 different spells in her shop, consisting of love spells, money spells, curse spells, protection spells and healing spells.

Her most popular spells are money and love spells, with the latter making nearly 50% of her monthly profit.

What’s needed to make these spells?

“A lot of energy, the right timing and the right mood.”

But, of course, nothing comes easy and even those who buy spells will have to do their part. She cites that recipients of money spells will have to diversify their income streams and “cannot…just wait for things to happen.”


Apart from spells, her shop also holds haunted dolls which she bought from the United States, containing spirits that act as her guides.

Weirdest Request for Spell

Indeed, it is that “penis spell”.

Bambi recalled that her customer from Norway requested that she would help enlarge his member, with precise measurements. He had paid her US$350 (~S$471) for it.

She did warn him that it sounded impossible but he wanted to go ahead with it anyway.

Apparently, three months later, he had reported half an inch of growth so he proceeded to spend another US$2,000 on her shop. What a loyal customer.


She has also received requests for making clients’ butts bigger, to which she exasperatedly responds, “Just work out!”

Though there are lighthearted moments in her work, Bambi faces a lot of prejudice against what she does.

She notes that non-believers can be “quite rude sometimes”, but tries to focus on her work and not let them affect her.

Let’s respect what people believe in and what they do! You’ll never know when you might need a love spell (or a growing spell) someday.

Featured Image: Facebook (Dark Witch Bambi)/ Instagram (@bambidarkwitch)