S’porean Bought a Wrapped Used Fridge & Found Cockroaches & Lizards Inside Instead


There’s one thing I hate in the world.


I can stand cockroaches, which is weird but usually, that’s how it works. If you’re not afraid of cockroaches, you’re most likely terrified of lizards. Vice versa of course.

Let me know if you’re not afraid of both lizards and cockroaches. I want to marry you.

They have done me no wrong, to be honest, but… the lizard family just scares the hell out of me and gives me goosebumps.

Anyone here sympathizes with me?

These creepy crawlies are getting more and more audacious. As the world moves forward, they’re are also getting way ahead of themselves.

Number 1, when I was younger, I didn’t meet cockroaches that could fly. Now, they fly… fast and furious. One even landed on my neck while I was asleep.

Image: pestcontrolspringfieldmo.com

I don’t know why it chose my neck as its resting place. Comfortable meh?

I showered before hitting the sack, for your info.

Number 2, the encounters with lizards are uncountable… but one incident left me jumping out of my shorts literally.


It. freaking. crawled. on. me.


Image: imgur.com

So I have no idea how I will react if I find a fridge filled with dead lizards and baby cockroaches.


Image: moviepilot.com

I’ll probably scream first.

Then I’ll calm down and ask myself, “Why you so stupid? First, you got a second-hand fridge at $200 where you can get a brand new one at $399? Or top up a little more to get a Samsung branded refrigerator at $529?”

Image: harveynorman.com.sg

I even went to check out the price at Harvey Norman for this lady who made her absurd purchase.

Because… I’m not so… *ahem* unwise? Sorry, ma’am, that’s the best adjective I can use on you.

Cause not only did she pay $200 for a second-hand fridge, she didn’t even check before paying. And guess what’s the reason the seller gave?

Image: forums.hardwarezone.com.sg

Sorry, I cannot unwrap because later need to wrap again. I don’t want to waste my plastic wrap. Just give me $200.



Image: previously.tv

And she just went ahead with the purchase. Hmm.

Tell me, who to blame?

My mum used to tell me, before you point fingers at others, reflect on your own actions. I guess Christina needs to do that.

Though she’s kinda the victim here, I have to give it to her. The condition of the fridge is atrocious.

Image: forums.hardwarezone.com.sg

I have no idea what’s those black soot and how did it even get there in the first place. We’re talking about a fridge, not a burning ground.


Well, I guess there’s always something to learn from this.

Firstly, compare prices before getting a secondhand loot.

I still can’t get over the fact that Christina could have gotten a brand new fridge at $399. Only $199 extra? And with a warranty to boot?

Secondly, insist on checking before payment. It’s a used product after all and we’re not talking about a $10 purchase.

It’s freaking $200!


Lastly, maybe you want to shop for secondhand goods at more credible platforms? For me, I swear by Carousell.

With its solid review system, you kinda get an idea who’s the anonymous seller from what other people say of the seller.

Shop smart, comrades.

And I’m truly sorry you had some a bad experience shopping online.

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Feature Image: hardwarezone.com.sg