A Dish Called ‘Sporean Rice’ Has Triggered S’poreans As No S’porean Has Eaten It Before

When you look up the word “Singapore” in the Cambridge dictionary, it will tell you that it’s a country in Southeast Asia.

But did you know that it’s also an adjective commonly used by cooks worldwide to describe their Frankenstein dishes?

From the infamous Singapore-style curry recipe that resembled longkang (drain) water chicken, to the Singapore-style noodles which has absolutely no connection to Singapore, it’s safe to say that the number of Singaporeans who have been triggered by these acts of culinary slander to our nation has just grown steadily overtime.

Behold, a new dish has joined the mix, making its debut on Reddit last Sunday (31 July) by user “best-mango-YT”.

Image: Reddit (u/best-mango-YT)

That’s right, Singapore rice is now a thing.

According to the recipe the original poster (OP) referenced, this odd-looking mixture is a concoction of stir fried vegetables, egg noodles and white rice, topped with garlic chicken and doused in a not-so-healthy serving of ketchup and mayo.

The posted was initially uploaded onto the subreddit page r/Rice where home cooks worldwide shared about the rice dishes they have cooked up.

Eventually, it found its way to the r/Singapore page after a local user had reposted it. Over there, many Singaporeans then unleashed their opinions on the dish over some 190 comments.

OP Allegedly Got His Recipe from Pakistan Website

When asked about it in the comments, the OP said that he had gotten it from Pakistan recipe website, Food Fusion.

They company has also helpfully included a video of the cooking instructions, so we can all try to recreate the monstrosity after reading this.

It seems that the user had no idea that the dish is not from or common in Singapore. He had also stated in reply to other users that he is not a local nor a resident of the country, which explains the unawareness.

Netizens Were Not Impressed

I mean…no one saw that coming, right?

Reddit users took to both the original post and the version reposted on the r/Singapore page to let off some steam:

“Excuse me what in the world is Singaporean rice? Regards, a Singapore resident.”

“What is this abomination?!” another asked.

Others preferred more satirical ways of making their feelings known:

“Did they bust a nut on that dish?” one user inquired.

“This is as Singaporean as Gordon Ramsay,” said another.

Last but not least, one user wrote, “Singaporean here, checking in to say this is 100% our national dish which we all eat 3 times a day, in coordinated fashion, to the national anthem (except lunch, when we eat along to the national pledge instead) daily.”

Guess we know what we’ll all be having for our National Day feast this year then.

Quick, someone get on Singapore bread and make that an actual thing before we lose that carb to a remix too.

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Featured Image: Reddit (u/best-mango-YT) & mysecretbakes.com