S’porean sells dog online, saying that it’s “used” and he wants a new one


Some people said that you can buy almost anything from Carousell: from used bras to even fingernails.

Some people said that you can see the most idiotic people from Carousell. Well, they were all correct: someone is selling a dog in Carousell, and if that’s not saddening enough, check out what he added in the description.

Image: Facebook (Alan Chaim)

Saying that the condition of the dog is “Used” is already bad enough: he still has the cheek to explain why he’s selling: i.e. because he wants a new pet?

Unbelievable, indeed.

He’s apparently treating the dog, a living thing that should love him a lot, as a commodity. Apparently, the listing seems to have been deleted.

Found by Facebook user Alan Chaim, in which he posted the image on the Facebook Group Dog  [email protected], the image has been shared over 832 times.

I’m totally speechless.

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