S’poreans Invent Anti-Theft Bag & Got Funded More Than 12X Their Goal


Singapore has a reputation for being one the safest countries in the world—females can walk on the streets in the wee hours of the night.

There are CCTV cameras practically everywhere and you can see police cars patrolling dubious areas like Orchard Towers and Geylang.

But as Singaporeans, we take this safety for granted, especially when we travel overseas.

I had a rude awakening during my holiday trip to London.

I took the last bus back to my Airbnb apartment and there was only one other passenger, a man in his 30s.

I didn’t think much of it.

As I was about to alight the bus, the passenger/thief swiftly unzipped my backpack and made a run for it.

I didn’t even realise he unzipped my bag until I got back to my Airbnb.

Some of my items were missing—oyster card (it’s like an EZ-Link card), my gloves and a bar of chocolate. I know it isn’t much but still.

I have always considered getting myself an anti-theft backpack, but they are always so bulky and unstylish.

I think that will soon change—there is an anti-theft backpack on Kickstarter (a crowdfunding site).

Travelab, Made in S’pore

It is created by Singaporeans under the name of Travelab—I guess they understand every Singaporean’s struggle—and it has managed to get $61,800, 12 times more than their target amount of $5000.


I can see why it is so popular

It is a one of a kind as it is the first anti-theft backpack that can be packed!

It is called The Freedom Pack, how apt since it gives our freedom back to travel without a worry in the world.

Image: kickstarter.com

Hidden Zippers

Most backpacks have coloured zippers, it is like purposefully enticing thieves to steal from us, but this pack’s zippers are hidden.

Image: kickstarter.com

The zippers are on the back face of the bag—meaning the compartment will be against your back when you are carrying it.

No one will be able to open your bag without you knowing.

Its exteriors are also rip-resistant, meaning pickpockets can’t rip your bag with a knife.


Made from 210T nylon anti-hydraulic pressure fabric, it is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet.

Image: kickstarter.com

Reflective strip

Not all countries are well-lit like Singapore! This will come in handy at night, especially on the streets.

Buckle clip

Image: kickstarter.com

It also has a buckle clip which can be attached to almost anything, especially when you’re enjoying a nice cuppa in some hipster café.

Mini compartments

You can store the things you would regularly use like your bus card or shades at the compartments located on the strap. You can swiftly take the things you need without having to take off your backpack.


There are also hidden compartments for the more important stuff like your wallet and passport.

You can fold it

The most impressive thing about this backpack is that you can actually fold it to almost the size of iPhone 6 Plus! It will fit perfectly in your luggage!

Image: kickstarter.com

It is like the magic backpack from Dora the Explorer!

Now I know how they managed to get $61,800!

Now you can get your hands on it first at a discounted price if you fund this uber-cool project.

You can do it here.


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