S’poreans Are Ranked as One of the Most Ignorant People in the World


Last Updated on 2022-09-20 , 11:51 am

Singapore, our little red dot, is known for many things.

Amazing Food

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When it comes to food in Singapore, we are spoilt for choice as there are a huge variety of cuisines to choose from. Our all-time favourite food in Singapore include prawn mee, chicken rice, and char kueh teow.

A Rich and Diverse Culture

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Singapore has a more diverse culture compared to other countries. We are a multi-racial country and believe in forging a strong community of different cultures and beliefs.

A Clean and Green City

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Of course, one of the best parts about living in Singapore is that we are a clean and green city. You can rest assured to drink clean water, walk on the streets with minimal litter, and breathe in the fresh air.

And We are The 26th Happiest Country in the World (Out of 155 Countries)

Well, what If I said that we are the one most ignorant people in the world, ranking at the 8th position?

Image: Ipsos MORI

I know, even I was a little taken aback and offended when I found out.

But Here’s How This Thing Came About

According to an article by Independent.co.uk, the results are based on a survey of people’s knowledge about their own country.

The 2016 Index of Ignorance by Ipsos MORI, had a slew of questions.

Singapore scored a 46% difference—feeling less happy than what they claimed to be

Now, I don’t blame that we think that we spend more money on medical bills, especially when we are the second nation with the most number of diabetics.

Even PM Lee addressed the diabetes pandemic during the National Day Rally.

And Singaporeans underestimated our nation’s population by 10%. That is weird since we always complain about how the buses and MRT are always packed.

But don’t worry about it. Because success isn’t about staying in the past, it’s about working towards the future.

And we, Singaporeans always work towards the future to better ourselves. But for starters, I think we should know who our presidents and Prime Ministers are.

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But for starters, I think we should know who our presidents and Prime Ministers are.


Just take a look at this video by Mothership, where they ask people on the streets who their favourite president is.


The late Lee Kuan Yew was never a president. He was our prime minister.

I get that it all starts with but…maybe we really deserve that ranking. #JustSaying


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