S’poreans To Get A Break From The Hot Weather At The End Of Aug 2019

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It’s been a warm couple of weeks.

And even warmer at nights.

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But guess what? If you’re not a fan of the tropical sunny weather, you’re going to want to hear this:

S’poreans To Get A Break From The Hot Weather At The End Of Aug 2019

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That’s right, after so many weeks of warm weather, and feeling like you’re roasting from the inside, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here’s what you need to know.

Thundery Showers Expected

According to the Meteorological Service of Singapore (MSS), Singaporeans can expect thundery showers to happen in the last week of the month.

The showers will happen on four to five days towards the end of the month in the late morning and early afternoon.

In other words, prepare your umbrellas.

Just don’t open them indoors eh, at least not during this month.

Warm Weather To Persist

But don’t expect aircon conditions because on days without rain, the weather is forecast to be as warm as it is now.

Temperature for the rest of the month is predicted to be between 26°C and 34°C. On some days, the temperature can climb up to 35°C.

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As for the night time, it’s going to be as hot with the minimum temperature hovering around 28°C.

Be Prepared For Occasional Haze

Right now, the haze condition in Singapore is in the moderate range for the 24-hour PSI reading

Image: haze.gov.sg

And the normal range for the PM2.5 hourly readings.

Image: haze.gov.sg

But the experts are warning Singaporeans to be prepared for occasional haze.

Hot spots with smokes and plumes were detected in various parts of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Image: NEA

If the wind happens to be blowing in the wrong direction, the haze will travel to Singapore. So if you haven’t, remember to stock up on N95 masks, eh?

Remember, Base Your Decisions On PM2.5 Readings

On a side note, here’s a friendly reminder.

If you’re someone who loves doing the One Punch Man workout and runs outside, don’t use the 24-hour PSI reading as a gauge.

Instead, base your decision to run indoors on a treadmill or outside on the PM2.5 readings.

After all, the main air pollutant during the haze season is PM2.5, plus, these particles are typically small enough to get through your body’s natural defences.

Some Tips To Survive The Haze Season

While these tips are not needed right now, it’s always good to know what to do when the haze season starts up.

  • Stock up on masks
  • Elderly and children need to take care to stay indoors as much as possible
  • Reduce outdoor activities
  • Pay attention to NEA’s website dedicated to the haze
  • Put aside a bit more money because chances are, your aircon’s going to be working hard throughout the season