Popular Spring Roll & Pastry Products Recalled in S’pore Due to Potential Undeclared Allergen

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If you’re anything like me, you’d have seen this product before:

Heck, you might even have some of them in your house right now.

Now, if you’re allergic to milk, or have someone in your house who’s allergic to milk, it might be best not to cook and makan them first.

Because there’s a chance that there might be a milk allergen in it.

Reader Bao: How about other Spring Home products? Last Friday night I accidentally bought a lot leh…

Read on, Mr Bao.

Popular Spring Roll & Pastry Products Recalled in S’pore Due to Potential Undeclared Allergen

Today, Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announces that they’re doing a recall of three products: Spring Home TYJ Spring Roll pastry products…

Image: Facebook (Singapore Food Agency (SFA))

Image: Facebook (Singapore Food Agency (SFA))

…Spring Home Samosa Pastry and Spring Home Chicken Spring Roll.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Food Agency (SFA))

The reason?

The manufacturer informed SFA that a customer in the United Kingdom, which imports its products, told them about the presence of a milk allergen in its products that was not declared on the labels.

In other words, the ingredient list might not be accurate. Imagine you’re allergic to an ingredient but bought the product because that ingredient isn’t listed there: it’s not going to end well.

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The manufacturer is currently testing its products to confirm the presence of the allergen.

Though it’s not confirmed, SFA is playing safe and has directed the manufacturer to recall the products.

Consumers who have purchased the affected products, and who are allergic to milk, should not consume it.

Consumers may contact the manufacturer, Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd, at 6880 9888 for enquiries and for exchange or refund of products.

Here’s SFA’s post in full:

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Other products by the manufacturer aren’t affected, so if you’re one of those kiasu people who have hoarded lots of frozen Spring Home Roti Prata Kosong for your breakfast for the next ten years, you won’t need to worry so much.


In fact, you should worry about other aspects of your life, like how selfish you are to society #justsaying