Lok Lok Stall at Geylang Gives 5 Free Sticks If You Can Win The Honeycomb Challenge


Well, forget all the salted egg and mala flavoured snacks that once used to be the best thing since sliced bread, for they’ve been far knocked out of the park as of late.

Why? Two words: Squid Game.

You can no longer turn a corner without seeing references to the popular new Korean Netflix series, be it seeing people whacking pieces of paper at MRT stations or the dreaded geometric shapes.

And as expected, everyone’s eager to jump onboard the craze, including several brands.

If you fancy winning free things of monetary value after playing one simple game, just like the characters in the show, you’ll be pleased.

And don’t worry, you won’t die even if you fail.

Geylang Lok Lok Stall’s Honeycomb Challenge

If you haven’t had the chance to sit down and watch Squid Game yet, it actually follows characters who play in the game where the last one standing after six rounds wins big cash prizes.


The second stage in the games involves players trying to break shapes that can range from circles, triangles and stars to umbrellas out of honeycomb candies while still preserving the original shape without any cracks.

And they have to do it within 10 minutes.

Sounds easy, you may think.

Well, not necessarily.


With the Brown Butter cafe in Orchard being the first to offer up free lattes if one manages to complete the honeycomb challenge, Good Time Lok in Geylang has also since joined in.

A signboard outside the stall calls for diners to try their hand at the honeycomb challenge, where one chance will be given for every order of 10 sticks.

Winners who successfully break the shape out of the honeycomb will be given five free sticks.

Image: Facebook (Good Time Lok 古天Lok)

They also taunted that it would be as easy as child’s play.

Victorious Winners

Unfortunately, it’s harder to win than one might expect, for one wrong move can send your honeycomb into splinters along with your hopes of winning.

Good Time Lok took to their Facebook page to congratulate the winners of their challenge, who were awarded with five free lok lok sticks. A good deal, if you ask me.

Image: Facebook (Good Time Lok 古天Lok)

They also shared that you can use any method to break the honeycomb out – even if you use lighters, needles, or lick it like the characters in the game did, it’s alright as long as you had fun.

And here’s another cool tip from them: using lok lok sticks are easier than toothpicks.

One can head down to the stall to play the challenge every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4pm onwards while honeycomb stocks last as they take quite long to make.

Maybe you can host your own games there with squids on lok lok sticks instead.


Here’s the Facebook post:

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