Man Stabbed Acquaintance for Not Buying Cough Syrup for Him

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Have you ever refused to run an errand for your parents?

If you have, you’ll also know that most likely you’ll get an earful or a good whopping for doing so.

However, for a poor 21-year-old, he found out that refusing to run an errand for his 36-year-old acquaintance and then lying about it… well, let’s just say that blood was spilled… over some *cough cough* cough syrup.

Is cough syrup really worth stabbing people over?

On August 24 last year, 36-year-old Xu ZhengSheng (许政盛) drove two of his much younger acquaintances, both were 18 and 21 years old respectively, to a dark alley in Geylang after bringing the guys out on a full-day trip around the Red Dot.

The accused first known the two young men back in February of the same year over dinner at Geylang.

They have met up several times since then.

Xu stopped the car, gave the 21-year-old who was in the backseat S$50, and instructed him to help buy two bottles of cough syrup.

The victim initially refused to do so, but the accused was very insistent, so he had no choice but to run the guy’s errand for him.

However, this is no simple errand since the accused likely wanted the stronger kind of cough syrup that the pharmacist would keep behind the counter rather than on a display shelf.

Running the errand would put him at the crosshairs of the law… and he really doesn’t want to break the law.

So, what he did was, he walked around the alley, returned to the car empty-handed, and claimed that he didn’t see anyone selling cough syrups there.

Unfortunately for him, the accused is very familiar with the place, and knew instantly that the guy is lying.

He turned around from the driver seat and punched the young fellow sitting in the passenger seat.

The victim’s friend who was sitting in the co-driver seat was shocked and tried to stop the accused.

The accused seemed to have regained his composure as he started the car and drove away.

He was stabbed with a 22-cm-long scissors

Unfortunately, anger doesn’t dissipate so quickly for some people.


The accused unexpectedly stopped the car by the roadside, took out a 22-cm-long scissors from the boot, opened the passenger’s side door, and proceeded to stab the 21-year-old.

The victim was taken by surprise and didn’t manage to avoid the attack.

He was stabbed in the face and the calf.

The commotion garnered some attention from passers-by so the accused quickly hopped back into the driver seat and drove off.

He stopped the car yet again, not long after, to once again confront the lying youth in the backseat.

Pointing the scissors at him, the accused threatened the young man, “If you lie to me again, I will stab you 3 more times.”

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A nearby apartment security guard, who saw and heard the whole thing, called the cops. The accused quickly drove away.

The price of uncontrolled rage

The accused faces 6 charges, including intentional assault, criminal intimidation, assault with dangerous weapons, and possession of dangerous weapons

He admitted to 3 of the charges while the other 3 will be deliberated on by the judge during his sentence.


He was sentenced to jail for a year and 3 days.

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