Staff in Minimart Accidentally Charged $1,397 Instead of $13.97 & Customer Still Walked Away

As a Millennial who’s fast reaching quarter life in both age and crisis, I’ve many ‘irrational’ fears:

  • Dying when I’m 150 and struggling to even breathe
  • Being whipped by my Aunt Matilda in a game of ‘Whips and Lashes’
  • Purchasing a $0.50 candy and having the cashier key in $5000 instead

Each of them is terrifying in its own right, and I shudder to think of the consequences I’d have to contend with if it comes true. Thankfully, however, the fears are so irrational that they have a next to zero percent possibility of occurring.

“What are the chances that the cashier will key in $5000 for a single Chupa Chups lollipop, really?” I laughed.

Just then, the door slammed open, and there stood Aunt Matilda in all of her terrifying form, complete with a, for some reason, nylon whip.

“Have you heard?” she yelled. “Some cashier in Ang Mo Kio keyed in S$1,397 instead of S$13.97!”

I froze; my eyes inadvertently strayed to her whip, an instrument affiliated with violence, brandished in a tight fist.

As a particular viral meme video would suggest…

I ran.

Staff in Minimart Accidentally Charged $1,397 Instead of $13.97 & Customer Still Walked Away

Now, the introductory paragraph might be unnecessarily lengthy and irrational in nature, but the ‘gist’ is true:

A cashier mistakenly charged a customer $1397.00 instead of the stipulated $13.97, and the latter failed to notice the mistake before he left.

Oh shet.

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According to a Facebook post by grocery chain Angel Supermart, the incident occurred at 2:00 a.m. on 31 May 2020, at their BLK 631 AMK Ave 4 outlet. The original bill, which was supposed to be $13.97, was instead keyed in as $1397.00.

Image: Facebook (Angel Supermart)

As both cashier and customer failed to verify their receipts, the latter ended up leaving the store before any rectification could be performed.

The boss of the convenience store, Daniel Tan, then took to social media to apologise for the error, and implored the customer to call them for a refund.

Staff Has Been Disciplined

In an exclusive interview with Mothership, Tan professed that they decided to create a public post to reach out to the person as soon as possible.

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The staff member has also since been disciplined for the mistake.

“Thank you, we don’t shy away from mistakes,” the grocery chain wrote in the comments section of the post.

“Staff has been disciplined. Staff has to pay for the surcharge. At the same time, staff will be given a nurturing environment to learn.”

The Customer Has Since Been Found

In an update at 00:20 a.m. today (2 June 2020), the chain announced that the customer has been found.

According to the updated post, the customer has accepted their apology, and even took a wefie with the team.

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Image: Facebook (Angel Supermart)

To make up for the error, a VIP membership will be offered to the customer, alongside a couple of drinks and snacks that are on the house.

Image: Facebook (Angel Supermart)

Well, we’re glad that at the very least, it ended well. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a whip to dodge.


You can view the original Facebook post down below:

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