A Western Stall Decided to Use Selfies for Their GrabFood Menu Images


We are always told to choose a job we love, and we’ll never have to work a day in our lives … 

Clearly, this Muslim-owned F&B business understood the assignment as they are going viral on Twitter for their cheeky use of selfies to promote their set meals on the GrabFood platform.

Selfies For Show Only For Food Sets

The discovery of the duo’s cheeky selfies was first made by a user on Twitter who chanced upon their menu on the GrabFood platform:

The comical selfies were made for their menu items listed under the “Steng Set” which includes a four-piece beef slider set with cheese fries and 12-piece sambal wings:

Image: GrabFood (Abang Western Power)
Image: GrabFood (Abang Western Stall)

Just look at the chef’s Salt Bae moment captured for all to see.

According to Urban Dictionary, “Steng” is a slang used to express the intention of wanting to share certain goods with your gang.


Not All Menu Photos Are Selfies 

Abang Western Power menu item photos also include actual, professional shots of their food:

Image: GrabFood (Abang Western Power)

You can see their chef’s prowess more up close via their Instagram posts too:


(Oh to be able to eat them right now.)

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Where To Find Abang Western Power

If you are like me and can’t wait to try their other food menu items beyond their iconic “Steng Sets”, Abang Western Power is located at 340 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Singapore 560340.

That’s around the Teck Ghee Community Club or Teck Ghee Primary School area.

Best part is Abang Western Power operates their stall up to as late as 1:00am—the perfect supper spot to go when you are craving some serious Western food goodness during late hours.

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Featured Image: GrabFood (Abang Western Power)

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