Try These 6 Starbucks Drinks Perfect for Mixers Instead of your Usual Soft Drinks


Last Updated on 2023-05-09 , 11:03 am

For those who are well-versed with drinking hard liquor, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concepts of mixing drinks with hard liquor.

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If you’ve always used Sprite, Coke or Green Tea for mixers (and growing bored of it), here’s a list of Starbucks drinks that makes the perfect mixer for that bottle of hard liquor you got from the Duty-Free Store at Changi Airport.

1. Espresso

Image: Starbucks / The Liquor Shop Singapore

It goes pretty well with coffee-flavoured liquors such Bailey’s and Kahlan. Alternatively, you can add a dash of gin or whisky.

2. Mocha

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Similar to expressos, mixing mocha with Kahlan or Bailey’s will do the trick and preserve the sweet flavour of your drink. Alternatively, you won’t go wrong with whisky when it comes to mocha.

3. Caramel Macchiato

Image: Starbucks / VIP Bottles

Have a sweet tooth? Up the caramel factor by adding some caramel vodka to the drink. Not a fan of sweet stuff? Balance the flavour with whisky instead.

4. Hazelnut Macchiato

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You can add to the flavour by adding in chocolate or hazelnut flavoured liqueur.

5. Full-brewed Tea Leaf

Image: Starbucks Thailand / The Liquor Shop Singapore

Not a fan of coffee? Try mixing bourbon or vodka which goes really well with teas. For those adventurous souls out there, you can try vanilla vodka, rum or gin.

6. Ice-shaken Lemon Green Tea

Image: Starbucks / Liquor Bar

Mix this with rum to get your very own Starbucks Mojito!

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