Starbucks Releasing Iconic Bags With Design Inspired By Their Own Paperbags

If you’re one who always drinks Starbucks (because who has time for coffee from other places?) and you’re a big fan of the coffee brand, you would probably be delighted to know that they’ve recently announced the launch of a new collection of merchandise.

Nope, it’s not the usual tumbler or cold cups this time.

It’s something way more interesting.


And not just any bags. They’re durable and functional bags made to look like paper bags.

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Yes, it’s true!

Introducing The Iconic Siren Collection

The Iconic Siren Collection features four bags with different designs and sizes. The crinkles on each mimick that of an actual paper bag, which is really cool.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

If you’re just looking for something to store your house keys, essentials or some emergency money, you can opt for their smallest pouch. Priced at $12.90, it is the cheapest option from the collection.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

With the iconic logo at the front of your pouch, you’re bound to get a few stares of envy whenever you take it out.

If you’re looking for something more practical to store more things, you can opt for the two messenger bags. One is smaller than the other, though they’re both priced the same at $28.90 each.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

The smaller sling bag has three zips, two at the front and one on the top for easy access to things. The bigger one only has one zip spanning across the bag at the front.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

There’s also a little hook for you to hang your keys conveniently if you want.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

The bigger one only has one zip spanning across the bag at the front and offers much more capacity.

Both bags have a thick band for a strap with the words “STARBUCKS” sprawled across it and are adjustable so that you can adjust it according to how long or short you want it to be.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

If you think that even the space of the bigger messenger bag is not enough, or if you’re just not into the look of carrying a messenger bag around, you can opt for the tote bag instead. The straps seem to also be adjustable with the words “STARBUCKS” sprawled across them. This bag is priced slightly higher at $32.90, but would probably be worth it if you’re looking to bring more things around.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

Where To Get The Collection

The collection has already been made available so you can get yours today! But do take note that this is an exclusive collection for Starbucks Rewards members only.

This is definitely a must-have for Starbucks fan so what are you waiting for? Head on down to your nearest outlet to buy it now before it gets sold out.

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