Starbucks S’pore Just Launched The Most IG-Worthy Drinks

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It is 2018, and Instagram-worthy drinks are still a thing; particularly layered concoctions seem to be going strong—thank god the unicorn-flavoured fad has died.

From bubble tea kiosks to hipster flea markets, I am pretty sure you would have tried it, but if you’re lazy like me, heading down to the nearest said bubble tea kiosk can be a bit much.


But don’t worry, now you can join the crowd and feed into the questionable trend coz’ the world’s largest coffee chain, Starbucks, is offering a trio of gradient drinks.

Three new pretty concoctions

Butterfly Pea Lemonade


The prettiest one of them all has to be the Butterfly Pea Lemonade what with its measuring shade of midnight blue at the bottom of the drink.

There are three layers to it: the butterfly pea at the bottom and the cold brew on top which lends itself a deep dark mocha hue.

The lemonade in the middle gives a clean separation between those two polarising colours

Macadamia Cocoa Cappuccino


This caffeinated drink is more of a dessert; according to the Starbucks page, the base is a rich macadamia chocolate sauce which is then topped with a white foam (I am guessing that is the gradient part) and it is finished with crunchy nuts and macadamia drizzle.


Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato


Last but not the least, the Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato is a work of art, as vanilla bean dust and vanilla bean drizzle are added in a double crosshatch pattern.

Netizens’ reactions

With that said, pictures may vary from the actual product:

Chloe Yam Facebook

Posted by a netizen, the comment read: “Doesn’t look like the one on the poster though.”

Image: Starbucks Facebook

The actual Butterfly Pea Lemonade may actually make you lose IG followers, but hey, it could be just one bad cup.

But some netizens loved it, after all, when it comes to food and drinks, taste takes precedence over anything else.

Image: Starbucks Facebook
Image: Starbucks Facebook

How much is it?

Thankfully, a netizen posted the pricing for the drinks:

Image: Florence Lim Jue Jin Facebook

Yeah, I know, it is mad expensive, I might as well get a McSpicy, but wait, that wouldn’t get me likes or followers on Instagram.

Life is tough.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Starbucks)