Starbucks S’pore Now Selling Navy Pink Sakura Tumblrs and Bootiful LOQI Bags

Image: Starbucks S'pore Facebook Page

Can’t make it for those cherry blossoms in the Spring?

WellStarbucks has got you covered.

On 13 March 2019, Starbucks Singapore released a couple of new pics on its Facebook platform. And I’m telling you;

These babies are the real deal.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Navy Pink Sakura Tumblrs

“Shades of blue and pretty petals…” captions Starbucks Singapore on its latest post. “…on cold cups and tumblers that will make you smile.”

Now, I’m hardly one for cheesy-sounding Facebook captions, but I gotta say;

The caption hits it right on the mark.

For Starbucks’ latest releases don’t just evoke memories of Sakura blossoms.

They encompass it.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

“Pops of pink, against the dark night sky; gorgeous as can be,” captions Starbucks Singapore. And I couldn’t agree more, with the dashes of pink and blue the tumblers entail.

Both designs, 12oz: $34.90 each.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

“Watch the soft pink petals dance, as you sip your favorite brew,” captions Starbucks Singapore.

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Well, watching petals dance in the air every time I drink some water doesn’t sound half-bad to me.

  • Left, 24oz: $29.90
  • Middle, 24oz: $44.90
  • Right, 12oz: $29.90
Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Same caption.

No less captivating.

  • Left, 24oz: $29.90
  • Middle, 24oz: $44.90
  • Right, 12oz: $29.90

Sick of tumblers?

Should you for some forbidden reason be sick of flowery tumblers, worry not for Starbucks has other avenues for you to adopt some cherry blossom vibes.

According to, the coffee chain has partnered up with LOQI to create 3 eco-friendly themed bags at S$14.90 each.


Foldable in nature, these tote bags will let you carry a bit of spring wherever you go.


And don’t even look down on the strength of these beauties, because just like prettygirl99 they’re pretty and strong at the same time.


Groceries or sales hauls? These bags got it. And the best part of it?

Your floral outfits have never been more matchy-matchy.

Still not convinced?

Well, if you’re not the tumbler or bag-apparel kind of person…

Why not take a look at Starbucks’ own ceramic plate collection?

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Gorgeous in nature and pleasant in aesthetics, these petal-shaped Starbucks Ceramic Dishes are the serving plates you never knew you needed so much.

And did I mention that they come in sets of 2?

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

For just S$21.90, this lovely set could well be yours.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

“Be transported to a gorgeous, Sakura-filled wonderland,” captions Starbucks Singapore. While this article’s hardly a sponsored one, I gotta say that I second that notion.

Still, still, still not convinced?

Well, there’s always that last option:

Starbucks’ own drinks.

With the new cherry blossom season set to dawn upon us, Starbucks has introduced two new flavours:

Azuki Creme Blossom Frappucino and Matcha Azuki Creme Blossom Frappucino.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Made up of red bean with milk and ice, the Azuki Blossom Frappucino is topped with cranberry bits, whipped cream and pink and white rice-wafer petals. The Matcha Azuki Creme Blossom Frappucino, on the other hand, includes a base of green tea, red bean, milk and ice and is topped with whipped cream. It’s sprinkled with tart cranberry bits and pink or white rice petals.

The Azuki Blossom Frappucino tall-sized blended drink costs $7.90, while the Matcha Azuki Creme Blossom Frappucino costs $8.50.

And so…

What’re you waiting for?

If you’re a fervent supporter of the enigmatic Cherry Blossoms, but can’t quite haul your ass off work to pay a trip to Japan or Taiwan, I’m telling you…

Starbucks is the next best option there is.

So pay a trip to Starbucks once you’re free, and get whatever you desire.

Cherry blossoms have never been so… available before.

Image: Giphy

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