Starhub Now Selling SIM-Only Plan With 30GB Data Bundle At Only $50/Month

Singapore might look like a clean, green and safe country on the outside but I’m pretty sure we all agree that we have our own problems.

Things such as not having enough data.


If you can identify with the crying lady above, I totally get you.

After all, when the telcos took away the 12GB data bundle and gave you a measly three in return, you’re like…

True, you can get back your 12GB data bundle at an exorbitant price. And unlimited data isn’t a dream. It’s just an expensive one.

Until now, that is.

Starhub to the rescue with crazy data bundles

Image: Tang Yan Song /

How much do you think a 30GB data bundle plan cost? Over a hundred bucks?

Not with Starhub.

In line with their direction to revamp their entire company and make things profitable again, they’re coming out with a new lineup of mobile phone plans that’ll make anyone go crazy.

The 30GB data bundle mentioned above? That’s only the mid-tiered plan. It’s like Combo 3 for Singtel users, just cheaper.

Here’s a closer look at what they’re offering

Image: Starhub

For just $50 a month, you’re looking at 300 minutes outgoing with unlimited free incoming calls, free caller ID and 30 GB worth of data.


And if 30 GB isn’t enough, they have additional add-ons like unlimited data on weekends ($6), extra 10GB for $10 a month and more.

Yes, the (+10GB) in the image above only lasts for a year.

Plus, the first 10,000 customers to sign up will get an extra 10GB worth of data for one entire year.


But There’s a Catch

They’re SIM-only plans. In other words, you can’t get discounted phones with these plans.

Now, before you think that nobody’s going to go for that, you might not have a choice.

Starhub will not be offering any other postpaid contracts from now onwards. Everybody has to go for SIM-only plans.

And judging by how the three telcos in Singapore seems to mirror each other all the time, SIM-only contracts might be the only ones left in the postpaid contracts of tomorrow.

But that’s not such a bad thing. Read on.

The Rationale Behind Such a Move

With all telcos in Singapore fighting hard for the postpaid market, Starhub’s strategy is to provide consumers with plans that have no hidden costs.


They’re also scrapping “all one-time administrative, activation and SIM card fees”.

And if you want discounted handsets, you’ll need to pay an extra $25 per month for two years. Which adds up to about $600.

So at least now you’ll know if you’re truly getting a discount, or getting confused by all the fancy words that the telcos are using to lead you on.

Not that we’re saying they won’t do it to you from now on lah. #JustSaying


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