Man Drove All The Way to a Farm Near Yishun to Steal 3 Papayas; Farm Then Advised Him on When to Eat Them


We have seen a fair share of occurrences of what people can do during this Circuit Breaker period.

While some choose to stay home and occupy themselves, there are others who can’t seem to do so.

From wrecking a parked Maserati, to violating Circuit Breaker laws to visit a friend, it seems that these people are not able to stay home peacefully.

Man Drove All The Way to a Farm Near Yishun to Steal 3 Papayas

Introducing another man who belonged to the latter group of people.

According to a Facebook post by World Farm, a man was seen pilfering three papayas from the farm.

He supposedly left his house during the circuit breaker just for these papayas.

Must be some nice papayas.


The incident occurred at 6.55am on Friday (15 May), at the farm’s garden centre, along 15 Bah Soon Pah Road. This is located between Sembawang and Yishun.

Image: Facebook (World Farm)

The post stated that World Farm’s boss had witnessed the man shaking the papaya tree violently in an attempt to drop the papaya.

In addition, the man even came prepared with a cutter to cut off the papayas from the tree, knowing that it isn’t easy to twist a papaya off.

Image: Facebook (World Farm)

Farm Advised Him on When to Eat Them

Evidently, the papayas weren’t even ripe as it was yellow. Hence, World Farm advised the man to keep the fruits for another five days before it ripens for consumption.

Yes, customer service applies even to thieves.

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On top of that, the farm further told the man to enjoy his fruits and wished he had the courtesy to respect others’ private properties. It takes effort in growing your own food, even if you don’t respect it.

With regards to whether the farm had lodged a police report, it responded that it chose not to, as it didn’t want to waste public resources during the circuit breaker period just over three papayas.

It added that three papayas were able to reveal the value of the person to them, which they remarked that it was “very cheap”.

Image: Facebook (World Farm)

World Farm also stated that it was more than willing to share papaya leaves and raw papayas for cooking or medicinal purposes if customers or passerby were to ask for it.

But stealing? It’s just wrong.

You can read the post below:

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