Stefanie Sun Quitting Singing To Go Into Fintech is Fake News: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (13 May)

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How do you know whether you’ve succeeded in your career? When people starts using your name falsely in their advertising.

It has happened to Zoe Tay and Aileen Tan, and now, it’s happening to Stefanie Sun.

Stefanie Sun Quitting Singing To Go Into Fintech: It’s Fake News


It was reported on 12 May that Singapore’s pride and joy, Stefanie Sun, is quitting showbiz to go into Fintech.

That was what an article on the website, Kiwiplunge, said about her.

Except, it’s fake.

On 12 May, the singer gave a witty reply to the allegations.

Image: Twitter @stefsunyanzi

Saying that she doesn’t have anything mentioned in the article, including the brains to invest (ha, her humour is why we love her so much).

And she reminded her followers never to take advice from anything that sounds too good to be true.

Including singers.

Image: Giphy

Last year, she was involved in another fake news as well.

At that time, she was said to be dying while on a world tour.

To that, she replied: Oi, what’s going on. I’m alive.

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You see, that humour again 😉

ST Letter Says Make School Full Day Sessions For Students, Netizens Firmly Disagree

Students today have it hard.

I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me when I say that.

School days are longer, the stress to get good results is overwhelming and you’re just never good enough.

Then, you have someone coming along giving more advice about students.

Like this guy.


Make your kids’ school day longer.

So long that he or she won’t have time for tuition.

That’s what Koh Yeow Koon wrote in his forum letter in response to NUS lecturer, Kelvin Seah’s opinion on banning tuition.

He said that the extra hours can be used to help weaker students or enrichment hours in non-academic pursuits like sports or co-curricular activities (CCA).

And it’ll bring about even more benefits.

One, lesser time for tuition so it’ll curb the “arms race” between parents.

Two, schools need more headcount so teachers from tuition industry can leave and join the schools.

Three, the student’s caregivers will have more time and so, can go for full-time jobs.

Four, if parents are less stressed about having their kids excel, they’ll have more kids.

And five, canteens are forced to cook even more, so they’ll become a central kitchen with higher productivity.

Unfortunately (and very unsurprisingly), netizens do not really agree with him

It’s already happening, thank you very much.


P5 kid has an eleven-hour workday. 

Image> Straits Times Facebook Post

And it’s not just for the students, teachers have some love too.

Image: Straits Times Facebook Page

But the MVP comment comes from this individual, who said some most adults seemed to have forgotten:

Image: Straits Times Facebook Page

Kids need some down time too.

What do you think?

New SPF Scheme: ‘Part Time’ Volunteer Special Constabulary (Community) Officer

Do you feel like giving back to society?

Maybe you’ve wanted to be a cop after watching Infernal Affairwhen you were a kid, but cannot achieve that dream anymore.

Or maybe after you’ve watched the video we’ve done with SPF here:

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Whichever it is, now’s your chance to do what you’ve dreamed of doing when you’re young. Uphold the law and protect the people.


Previously, SPF’s VSC scheme requires VSC officers to undergo 6 months of training and patrol for 16 hours each month.

There are people who are keen to take part but couldn’t because of time commitment.

Well, if you’re one of those, then you’ll want to know they have a “part time” version of the scheme. Sort of.

SPF launched a new VSC scheme which requires officers to go through only 7 weeks of training and patrol 8 hours per month.

The new officers will be deployed to various neighbourhood police posts and join regular police officers on their patrols.

Interested? You can sign up here.

And here’s a sneak peek at their training:

S’pore Traffic Police Crashed On PIE, Police Investigations Ongoing

Traffic police officers are like the guardians of the road.

When there’s any road bullies whacking at your car on the PIE, these are the guys that’ll turn up and take them away from you.

Of course lah, if you are the said bully, or any other type of errant motorists, then you’ll no doubt hate them.

On 4 May, a traffic police officer was riding his bike along PIE towards Changi Airport when he got involved in an accident.

You can watch the video below:

He was riding along the right most lane when the black car in front of him stopped suddenly.

Unable to brake in time, the officer threw his motorcycle towards the left and crashed to the ground.

He tried to get up but was unable to.

Drivers who saw the accident immediately stopped their cars and ran out of them to offer help.

The 27-year-old officer was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Yet Another Bus Accident, This Time Involving Two Different Companies

Traffic accidents seemed to be the norm nowadays.

We had “discretionary right turns” accidents, e-scooter and bus accidents and more over the past few weeks.

And this time, it’s a bus vs bus accident.

Or to be more exact, SBS Transit vs SMRT bus.

On 11 May 2018, it was reported that an SMRT bus service 970 and SBS Transit service 157 collided at a bus stop along Jalan Jurong Kechil near Bukit Batok.

The 157 bus had the front windscreen shattered while the back of the SMRT bus was totally destroyed.

Image: Linie Gabas Sajonia Facebook Post

The collision resulted in 34 injured, including the bus captain of the SMRT bus.

A witness who was on the SBS Transit bus said that there were “blood on the floor” and some of the passengers couldn’t walk.

Fourteen injured passengers were taken to Ng Ten Fong General Hospital. Another 14 injured passengers were taken to National University Hospital and five to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Both bus companies have apologised for the incident and are fully cooperating with the Police with the investigations.

They’re also rendering assistance to the injured passengers.

S’pore’s First ‘Kampung Retirement Village‘ Goes Live, A Hit with S’poreans

Singapore has an ageing population. Everyone knows that, including the government.

So, with that in mind, Singapore’s very first retirement kampung, HDB for seniors with elderly facilities, opened in Woodlands just yesterday.


The estate is the first project to have both senior centres and childcare facilities.

This will, hopefully, help to foster bonding between the older and younger generations of Singaporeans.

Singapore wants the elderly to lead “active and meaningful lives”, where they’ll be able to meet for gatherings often, and just enjoy watching the kids play in the area.


Facilities built at the estate will encourage older people to step out of their homes to socialise.

There’s a medical centre located on the third and fourth floor, a sheltered area for activities like weekly fitness exercises and a rooftop farm with more than 30 species of plants.

Yishun Health, the National Environment Agency, the National Parks Board, Land Transport Authority, Early Childhood Development Agency, Ministry of Heath and the Housing Board got together to make this project possible.

If this proves successful, more of such Kampungs will be built around Singapore. It’s like squeezing a big kampung into a small kampung, no?

Well, now, I don’t feel so scared about growing old.

What about you?

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