Identity Fraud Of Zoe Tay & Aileen Tan Resulted in Many Fake News on FB


It sucks being a victim of identity theft, and over the past week, no one in Singapore has suffered worse than Aileen Tan and Zoe Tay.

The two famous Mediacorp actresses had their pictures strewn over a skincare product, stating that they had endorsed them. Both actresses are looking at seeking “further recourse” as a number of online articles have popped up claiming that Zoe and Aileen had supported the product.

What specific brand, you might ask? It’s Auralei Anti-Aging Cream.

Image: Channel NewsAsia

The managers of both actresses have issued a public statement, saying that they wished to clarify that both Aileen and Zoe have not given any interviews on the product, nor do they endorse it.

One particular article even went as far as to say that Zoe Tay made an appearance on Dr Oz’s show (an American health program hosted by the celebrity health expert Dr Mehmet Oz) and spoke about the product there. If you’re interested in this popular show, you’ll have to wake up early in the morning on a weekday to catch it in Channel 5 (so say my colleague who wakes up at ungodly hours).

But of course, Zoe Tay didn’t appear in the show.

The article went into full-length details on the skincare item, and also said that Zoe spoke about how the anti-aging cream had “saved her career”.

Image: Marketing Interactive

I mean, we all understand that the two actresses are breathtakingly beautiful. TAKE A LOOK at Zoe Tay for a second – does she even look 49?

Aileen Tan also stands in equal ground in terms of timeless beauty, and no one would believe that she’s now half a century old!

Here, see.

Image: Channel NewsAsia

But why la, make fake news? This kind of marketing gimmicks are only going to backfire in the long run, and cost the company more money if a lawsuit ensues. Especially when they even pretended to be another magazine!

Or maybe these companies are here for the long run. But moving on.

Other People Hit With Fake News

Hmm, seems like these two actresses aren’t the only ones who’ve been victims of fake news. In Malaysia, two particular celebs have been hit with it. OF ALL PEOPLE, you’d expect AirAsia’s Group CEO, Tony Fernandez to remain unscathed.

But no. There were some quick-rich schemes going around stating that he’d revealed his secret on how to make as much as almost S$100 a day just from home.

Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, a popular songstress, also had to defend herself when a trader unscrupulously used pictures of her and her husband to promote sexual stimulants in the form of pills online.


And let’s not forget another story that surfaced recently about Stefanie Sun. An online news portal posted that she’d DIED when a prop dropped on her while she was in New York and doing a performance.

Crazy leh.

The point is, don’t always believe everything you’re being told online. Take it with a pinch of salt. And if you have a gut feeling that it’s not right, do the best thing and ignore the story, or maybe even report it for misleading information.

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