Stomper Online Shamed Another Driver & Forced Him to Apologise; Netizens Didn’t Agree

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Few days back, while I was walking home, I met with a reckless driver who made a discretionary turn really quickly while I was crossing the road halfway.

He drove right past me, and obviously, he did not knock onto me; so here I am, writing about him.

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Except, it’s not the “him”, the reckless driver who nearly knocked on me, it’s the other “him” who is so self-entitled despite being the one at fault.

Filtered To The Left Lane After Indicating Signal

A stomper had submitted a story on 9 September 2019 with the title “Honda driver who pointed me middle finger, you have 23 hours to apologize before I make a police report”.

In the story submitted by the Stomper, he is giving a chance to the Honda Driver for flashing his middle finger, otherwise, a police report will be filed against him.

The Stomper had claimed that he was driving along Fullerton road at around 6.40p.m on 6 September 2019 when the incident happened.

The Stomper had added “I was waiting for the red light to turn green and filtered left with signal indicated. As you can see in the video, the Honda driver was unhappy with me and pointed his middle finger at me more than once.”

He ended it with “I will give him 23 hours to apologize. If not, I will report him to the police.”

What a kind soul.

A video was submitted together with the post, however, it could not be viewed on Stomp’s website.

You can watch it on Facebook here:

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Signalling Does Not Give You The Right Of Way

And if you have watched the video, you would have realize that this Stomper isn’t exactly the kindest.

Just like what the stomper had said, he was waiting for the red traffic light to turn green at the start.

Image: Facebook (Stomp)

He then wanted to filter to the left.

Image: Facebook (Stomp)

But here’s the issue: if you have noticed, the distance between the Honda car, and his car was really close.

Technically speaking, that’s not a safe distance for him to change lane.

From what I know, signalling is one thing, but you are still required to check for safety distance through your side mirror, rear mirror and your blind spot before you change any lane.

Then, here comes the legendary middle finger that made the stomper go through the hassle of writing a story to be submitted to stomp.

Image: Facebook (Stomp)

Backlash From Netizens

Clearly, I’m not the only one that felt that the stomper who posted the story should be the one apologizing.

Many other fellow stompers of his, have also commented on the post stating that he was the one at fault.

Image: Facebook (Stomp)

Many have commented on his poor and dangerous driving skills. Some stated that he was “petty and childish”.

Then we have a wise stomper who asked him to be happy because life is short.

Image: Facebook (Stomp)

Indeed life is short because you always meet with reckless and self-entitled drivers like *ahem, you know who*.

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So, to all drivers out there: Drive safe and never endanger people’s life just for your moment of folly and carelessness.

And for all pedestrians, stay alert while crossing the road because we have tons of idiotic rash drivers everywhere – just like the two examples listed in this article.