Strawberry Coca Cola Now Available In 7-Eleven S’pore

Image: Facebook (7-Eleven Singapore, SoraNews24)


Are you tired of the same old Coca Cola?

Reader: Well, not really, I still like-

Do you want a tastier way to get diabetes?

Reader: Uh, why the hell would I want-

Well, fear not, because Coca Cola has a new flavour and it’s berry berry good!

Reader: That was a horrible pun.

Ok, stop now, that’s the last straw.

Reader: *rolls eyes*


Strawberry Coca Cola 

When Coca Cola released its new Orange Vanilla flavour recently, people all over the world went “uh… why?” and “ew”.

But then Coca Cola took it a step further and introduced Strawberry Coca Cola.

According to Mothership, this new fruity coke was first introduced in Japan on 20 Jan, and turned out to be a big hit.

Apparently, many Japanese and foreign customers said the new drink is “delicious” and “tastes very good”.

These guys are food critics in the making.

“This drink tastes very good” – Man, 2020

Here’s an American’s review of the drink.

He described it as “biting into a really juicy strawberry”, which is what everyone wants when they get a can of Coke.

The man said he paid 88 yen (S$1.08) for the drink.

Now available in Singapore at 7-Eleven stores

If your curiosity has been piqued, I’m concerned, but I also have good news for you; the drink is now available in Singapore at 7-Eleven stores!

Image: Giphy

7-Eleven Singapore recently dropped a huge hint on their Facebook page that the Strawberry drink will be available in their stores soon.

A spokesperson for 7-Eleven said that this limited edition drink was brought in after overwhelming requests from Singaporean customers.


Who were these Singaporeans that so desperately wanted some strawberry in their coke?

The drink will also be launching progressively in all 7-Eleven stores islandwide from 23 Jan onwards, while stocks last.

The price of the new drink, however, is not known.

Reader: Wait, 23 Jan? That’s today!

It is indeed, you thirsty little munchkin! So, throw away your regular cokes, do the laundry, and head to the nearest 7-Eleven now!


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