Student Buys Xiaomi Online & Gets 小米. Literally 小米.



Actually, we kinda took some artistic liberties with that headline. The student got a bag of 大米, actually.

Man, whoever did that really missed the opportunity for a great joke.

Anyway, a student in China recently bought a Xiaomi smartphone online for RMB 800, which is roughly equivalent to SGD 163. The original price of the phone is at least RMB 1599, double the amount he paid. That should have been the first red flag, but he went ahead anyway.

When he received the delivery package, he discovered a 250g vacuum packed bag of 大米, also known as rice. Normal rice.


That’s worth about 1 to 2 RMB. Poor guy.

The student has since reported the incident to the local police. According to investigations, the deliveryman did not receive any complaints and had no idea; the fast-food restaurant which provides a parcel collection service for students had no idea either.

Apparently, no one has any idea.

After the student reported the incident, he has refused to cooperate with the local police. He never showed up to the station to follow up, and he never picked up any of the calls.


People had guessed maybe one of the deliverymen had swapped the contents of the package, or that the student got cheated online, or even that it was a prank the whole time.

The prank theory seems to be gaining ground, as the student didn’t seem to care too much about the missing phone.

This whole saga is bizarre. Nobody has any idea about anything, and what is even going on anymore?


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