High-Flying Rich Student Who Filmed 12 Women in Toilet Intended to Leave S’pore Forever To Avoid Jail


If there’s one thing to learn from last year, it’s this: smart students don’t just think with the head at the top of their body.

After the Monica Baey issue, there has been numerous cases of university students getting caught for filming women in the toilet; so much so that we’ve lost count of them.

But this latest incident is different.

And not, it’s not because he’s a high-flying undergraduate who’s studying in a top British university. Or that he’s a rich ASK.

But because of what he intends to do.

The Backstory

If you are looking to Google for his name, don’t bother.

The 22-year-old’s name isn’t revealed due to a gag order to protect the identities of the victims.


All we know about this mysterious man is that he’s studying in a top British university. Oxford? Cambridge? We might know soon (read on and you’ll understand).

What we know is that the student is rich (or in the words of a prosecutor, he is from a family of “substantial means”) and had lured 12  women (previous reports were 11 but 1 more victim had just stepped up) into his house since he was 18 or 19, and took images of the women via secret cameras installed in the toilet.

Apparently, he has been caught since last year for two charges and had gone for his university studies overseas.

But this year, everything’s going to change.


Exciting Courtroom Action in 2020

It all started last Friday (10 January 2020) when the student, who was then faced with the charges for filming 11 women, requested to leave Singapore for his second university term overseas and was granted the permission.

Why not, right, since he did come back for this after being charged last year.

However, the courtroom action took a plot twist today (14 January 2020).

For a start, one more victim has stepped up.

And secondly, 10 of the 12 victims wanted the gag order to be lifted so that his name and images can be published everywhere.

And thirdly, it turned out that the student had intentions to abscond (i.e. run away lah).

Today, the prosecutors provided new evidence to prove that the student is a flight risk.

It all stemmed from a text conversation between him and a “friend”.

Pretty sure he’s not using Telegram.

Apparently, in the text messages, he had said told the “friend” this: “I trust you enough to tell you this. I honestly might not come back.”


He had allegedly created a “master plan” to “avoid certain destruction if he stays in Singapore.”

In his text, he said, “I could stay here, but that would be certain – at least metaphorical – death.”

Wow, what a chim word to use. No wonder is a top university student. Confirm never read Goody Feed one.

In one of the messages, he wrote, “Honestly, after the first mistake, there is little incentive in this world not to continue to try to run… which is kind of bad all around, I don’t think people want to live like this. But surrendering just means you die sooner.”

But what exactly is his master plan?

Want to do a Amos Yee

Apparently, the student intended to seek asylum. Since he’ll be in Britain, that’s most likely where he would seek for asylum.


But wait: isn’t asylum for someone who is trying to gain protection from certain political pressure or prosecution?

The question is this: why the heck would he be confident of getting asylum when he—

Reader Bao: Oei, Siao Eh, he’s from a family of “substantial means”. You write your own article you never read your own article?


But this isn’t the most interesting part of this story.


The “Friend” is One of the Victims

In yet another plot twist that’ll put M. Night Shyamalan’s movies to shame, it turned out that the “friend” he confided in was, well, one of the victims.

This “friend” had known the student for six years. Initially, she didn’t know that she was a victim; but somehow, when she got to know that she was one of the victims, she felt “very betrayed” and decided to betray the student herself.

After reading about this case last week, she submitted copies of the text messages to the police.

Oh, this one even Telegram cannot help liao.

The “friend” claimed that  she felt that her “purity has been taken away” and that she “has been preyed upon and taken advantage of…I wish for this case to be concluded soon so I can put this episode of my life behind me.”

The verdict is not out yet, but I won’t need a crystal ball to know what’s going to happen next.

Stay tuned in the Goody Feed app for the reveal of his name, my dear readers.

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