Student Sang In His Bedroom & Was Killed Because Of His Singing

Dorm experience can either be a really happy and memorable experience that involves plenty of adventures and bonding, or it can be hellish, harrowing, and filled with screams and curses that will make Gordon Ramsey go wide-eyed with shock.

Take it from me that compromise and consideration are key to dorm survival. Violate either one and you are labeled a pariah and Public Enemy No.1. Although notoriety can metaphorically kill a person’s reputation, singing in the middle of the night and annoying the hell out of your fellow students who are either exhausted pigeons or night owls can result in consequences. At times, fatality.

Peng Moumou, a first-year student at Kunming University of Science and Technology in Yunnan province, China, was stabbed to death on June 13 by his roommate.

It wasn’t for reasons like sleeping with his roomie’s girlfriend, leaving the trash around (ok, that MIGHT spark off a murder or two), or stealing and auctioning off other’s possessions. Peng died because he was listening and singing (most probably very loudly and off-key), while others are sleeping. I mean, come on, who sings at such ungodly hours!

Anyway, his inconsiderate behavior sparked off a disagreement with a fellow roommate and Peng grabbed a chair to hit the guy. Enraged and in the heat of the moment, the roommate took out a knife and repeatedly stabbed Peng , who was later rushed to the hospital and died from his injuries. Previously, Peng and his attacker did not get along and the deceased was reportedly involved in a fight with a previous roommate.

Word of advice: Unless you are a Jigglypuff which can sing people into a coma, stupor, or catatonic state, do not be inconsiderate and subject your unwilling hallmates to your terrible singing.

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