A Study Shows That Only 45% of S’porean Guys Prefer Cash as Val’s Day Gift

Last Updated on 2020-02-09 , 11:45 pm

Valentine’s is just around the corner. So, have you planned what you’re going to get for your bae or crush?

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If you’re still in the midst of deciding coz’ you’re busy preparing for CNY, then let me help you out a bit.

You know how guys always want cold hard cash as gifts.

Here, in Goody Feed’s office, half of the male staff received cash for their Secret Santa gift and they were heads over heels.

True story bro.

“What would be the perfect gift for Valentine’s ?” I asked them in the morning.

Without any hesitation, they said: “MONEY LOR”.

What do men really want

Well, it is safe to say that the men in Goody Feed aren’t an accurate representation of Singapore men coz’ according to a study done by shopping site, Picodi, only 45% of men would want cash as V-day gifts!

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I am pretty sure the 45% of men in this study is largely made up of the male staff in the office.

So, as the old adage saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach as 63% of men would rather have a date in a restaurant.

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Ahh, there are still some good old gentlemen on this sunny island so don’t lose all hope.

Almost a quarter like movie dates and 21% of them would like a perfume.

What about the lasses?

Well, don’t even think of giving cash as that option didn’t’ even make the cut.

Instead of being a boring bum, put in some effort this year.

Going on a short getaway and dinner dates are at the top of the list at 35% and 55% respectively!

What if you don’t celebrate

If you’re an anarchist like me, you’re not alone.

39% of Singaporeans don’t celebrate Valentine’s but hey, I am not complaining about the discounted chocolates on sale.

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Here’s the results of the study in full, and of course one thing is pretty interesting: the average amount spent for a Valentine’s Day gift is now at $178, compared to $275 in 2016.

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