Study Shows That Couples Who Steal Food From Each Other Get Along Better Together


Last Updated on 2020-12-05 , 5:54 pm

If you’re in a relationship, you might’ve been through this one time at least. You’re out with your girl, and you order two different dishes (obviously!) for dinner.

The moment the food arrives, your gf grabs her fork and instead of mooching around in her plate, she takes a mouthful out of your food.

Now, some of you might find this adorable (new couples). For others, it’s just plain annoying (old couples). Eat from your own plate lah!

Well, there’s apparently a reasoning behind why bae loves to steal food from you. Once you’ve heard about it, you’ll most probably forgive her, and may even let it happen the next time!

About the Food Stealing Study

When you share food, the level of oxytocin in your body surges up. This hormone, believe it or not, helps you and your partner bond as well as get along better.

The hormone is usually associated between a baby and its mother the most, although it can also function well when other types of bonds are in play such as bf-gf, husband-wife and even other forms of close relationships.


In the research, a couple of chimps were tested on food sharing, and it was noticed that when food were shared between two chimps, both of them were happier leh.

Now isn’t that an adorable thing?

Sure, chimps are mammals, just like us. But did you also know that in the study, its findings included that the in cooperative relations that were also pretty long-lasting, social bonds rung true? Cooperation is key, of course, like in sharing a meal or grooming each other.

Food sharing is so crucial in a cooperative relationship, it can even predict or trigger one such bond.

So, next time when you got French fries in front of you from McDonald’s, you going to let your boyfriend grab a few and eat or not? Or are you going to slap his hand away?

After reading about this study by none other than the Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences, you might want to rethink that move.

If you’re in a relationship hor, it’s more important. There is evidence within the study to also indicate that individuals who are cooperative (yep, even with their food sharing characteristics) tend to have more babies than those who don’t.

Wah sey, so much of weight given to a simple action of sharing a meal. But then again, if you think about it, you’re also consuming less calories leh. So you can actually lose weight also what.

And if it keeps your girlfriend happy and smiling, then why the hell not? If you’re not completely open to the idea, we suggest you start small.

Share a popcorn at the cinema, or a chocolate bar. And then you can escalate to sharing nuggets or a salad together.

The final and ultimate test? Take yourselves out for dinner and share each other’s main course, and then wash it down with a dessert. You’ve always wanted to know what the food on the other plate tastes like anyway, right?

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