Subway S’pore Now Fully Halal, Says They’ll ‘Win Over’ Haters Eventually

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In case you’ve missed it, our days of Bacon and Pork at Subway in Singapore is officially over.

On 31 Aug, the chain announced that they’re officially certified halal by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

All but one of their restaurants are now able to display the halal certificate from 1 Sep onwards.

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The only exception is their outlet at Wisteria Mall in Yishun, which is still in the middle of its application.

(Yah, of course it has to be in Yishun)

This news comes half a year after they first announced their plans back in Mar 2018.

The Main Aim Behind This Move Is Actually ‘Inclusiveness”

So what made Subway decide to go for halal certification?

It’s because they want inclusiveness.

Once they’re halal certified, every person in Singapore is able to buy from Subway.

There are bound to be people who crave different things but Subway is working on a “bigger piece of Singapore”.

Getting The Certified-Halal Certificate

As part of the application, Subway claimed that the outlets have to undergo a ritual cleansing.

In addition, each outlet is required to have at least two Muslim employees.

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Not only does pork-based products have to be replaced, Subway had to replace their non-pork proteins like beef, chicken, tuna and turkey with halal-certified options.

And Netizens Reacted Almost Violently

Subway is one of the favourite sandwich places to go to in Singapore. Especially their bacon and pork sandwiches.

So when Subway said they’re now officially halal at almost all stores?

Of course, one guy said it best though.

Choose not to eat if you don’t agree with Subway.

As For The Sandwich Chain Itself

They’re fully prepared for such a reaction, according to Subway’s Southeast Asia country director, Mr Samad Mohd Shariff.

He said that Subway respects the opinions of their customer. However, he maintains that Subway is confident of ‘winning over’ the haters. And added that going halal was the right business decision for Subway.

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Back when Subway announced their decision to go halal back in March, there was initial feedback against the choice.

However, he’s confident that the brief resistance has died down and people who opposed the decision can be won over.

“Once our consumers realise that we have maintained the same high standard quality, the same freshness, the same taste, I’m very confident they will come back to experience Subway – sooner or later.”

Unfortunately, some netizens have a different opinion about the new food.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Who’s telling the truth? Nobody knows.

The only way you’ll get to know who’s telling the truth is to go to Subway and try it out for yourself liao.

Tell me, are you excited about the latest change in Subway Singapore?

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