Woman in Sun Plaza Claimed She Has ‘Abusive Parents’ & She Was on Sleeping Pills

The Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore can be divided into two periods: pre and post-Sovereign.

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In the pre-Sovereign era, residents who didn’t want to wear masks simply flouted this rule in silence.

In the post-Sovereign period, those who were against wearing masks felt that the entire country had to be aware of their reasons for not wearing one.

Just a week after the Sovereign Lady of Shunfu was arrested, another bare-faced resident was caught on video exhibiting Sovereign-like behaviour.

This lady, later identified as Kasturi Govindasamy Retnamsamy, refused to wear a mask and verbally abused two men in Sun Plaza.

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After her arrest, the 40-year-old displayed some Grade A sarcasm in court, sarcasm that would make the original Sovereign mighty proud.

But then she claimed that she had “extreme rage” and “multiple personalities” issues, and admitted to her offences when the judge said she may be served a mandatory treatment order (MTO).

Those issued with an MTO would undergo treatment for mental conditions instead of serving time in jail.

Unfortunately for Kasturi, she may have to go to jail after all.

No Mandatory Treatment Order For You

Though the reasons have not been disclosed, a mandatory treatment order (MTO) was not recommended for Kasturi.

The decision was announced in court on Friday (26 June), when she was due for sentencing.

According to The Straits Times, Kasturi had previously pleaded guilty to three offences:

  • harassment
  • using criminal force on a policewoman
  • flouting the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act

Three other counts of harassment will be considered during her sentencing.

Claimed She Has ‘Abusive Parents’ & She Was on Sleeping Pills

Kasturi, who is in remand, said her doctor had given her sleeping pills and “seemed to be increasing the dosage”.

“I am not comfortable with that,” she said.

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The 40-year-old also said that she has abusive parents and has not been in touch with them for five years, reported The Straits Times.

Kasturi’s defence lawyer Diana Ngiam said on Friday that her client needed help, and urged the court to assess her suitability for probation as well as a day reporting order (DRO).

Offenders who are issued a DRO will have to report to a day reporting centre for monitoring and counselling, and will also undergo rehabilitation.

The DRO scheme was introduced in 2011, to rehabilitate low-risk offenders in a real-world setting.

Those issued DROs will not have to serve time in prison.

Katsuri is expected to be sentenced on 14 July.


Why She Was Arrested

Back in April, when all McDonald’s and bubble tea stores were closed, Katsuri was caught in Sun Plaza without a mask.

What’s strange is that she was holding it in her hand, so it’s not like she forgot to bring it out with her or anything.

Image: Facebook

When she was told to put it on, she refused and started insulting mall staff and even cursed at a security officer instead.

“Are you all dumb? Or sophisticatedly stupid?” she asked them.

A week later, Katsuri returned to the mall, and when she had to present her NRIC to facilitate contact tracing, she threw it on the table and hurled vulgarities at the staff members.


She was asked to leave the premises, but she walked into the mall anyway even though her NRIC had not been scanned, according to The Straits Times.

Later, while officers were trying to arrest her, Kasturi struggled and scratched one officer’s right forearm.

Fortunately, the country seems to be in a post-post-Sovereign period right now, with fewer rude residents making bare-faced appearances on video.

But I’m sure that somewhere out there, a Sovereign is waiting for their opportunity to display their sarcastic abilities and their angry, maskless face.

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