Super Atas House in Holland Village Looks Like a Luxury Villa for Crazy Rich Asians

Home is usually a place where one rests and rejuvenates. Home is where one goes to find comfort and solitude.

We all have our dream house in our minds.

Some we can afford, others will remain palaces of our dreams forever.


Personally, whenever I walk past an intriguing house, I would wish that I could pay an entrance fee to take a tour of the house like a crazy rich Asian. There is something special about big and beautiful houses.

Part of me thinks that this is because 80% of Singaporeans live in cookie cutter HDB flats. While the newer Build-To-Order (BTO) flats do look a little fancier, the shape and design of most HDBs are standard and oblong.

Image: Trong Nguyen /

So, seeing a house that is out of the norm from the usual HDB is refreshing and inspiring.

It’s like a scene from Crazy Rich Asians.

Super Atas House That Went Viral

On today’s episode of “Out-of-this-world-houses-that-I-can-never-afford”, we marvel at a bungalow situated near Holland Village that has gone viral for reasons that are more than obvious.

And this house is not an ordinary bungalow. The definition of a bungalow is a house that is a house that has the minimum size of 400m².

This house is a Good Class Bungalow, which is a level up. It has a minimum land plot of 1400m².

So now, let us gather to ogle at this beauty.

Source: Albert Lim KS


The sprawling mansion is 1494m². For context, the usual four-room HDB is between 85 and 105m². So that is about 14 four-room HDBs.

And yet, there are only seven rooms in this house.

Source: Albert Lim KS

It even has a modern sloped garden that is inspired by the padi fields in Bali. What a dream.

Study Room 

Now, will you look at that view. If I had this view, I would not have to pack my belongings and head to NLB in Bugis to study during exam season. The fresh air would help my brain to absorb my notes faster too.

Source: Albert Lim KS


Enough about the serious stuff, this house is designed to allow one to relax and be renewed. The private pool is a nice place for one to cool down in sunny Singapore. I imagine the owners of this house has pool parties with tons of floats.


In addition to the pool, this house also has a KOI pond for your viewing pleasure.

Source: Albert Lim KS

This reminds me of the ponds in Chinese period dramas that always seem so magical and tranquil.


After reading this article, I hope that you are inspired to get even more creative with what you have. The Straits Times recently published an article on how HDB owners are getting even more creative in decorating their own houses! The article has been linked here for you to browse.

Happy designing!

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