Super Cheap Provision Shop in Yishun Selling Drinks at 3 Cans for $1 & More

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

All our weather articles this year look the same. They’re either about how crazy hot it is or how rainy it’s going to be while still being crazy hot.

I mean, it’s not like there are many variations to the weather in the first place, especially in the tropics, so that shouldn’t be surprising.

Anyway, last time I checked, nothing has changed for this month. And by the way, we’re currently heading (while sweating and panting) towards the hottest period of the year, so don’t expect any good news.

Unless you live near Yishun, that is.

Cheap Drinks at Yishun

Because it’s good to hydrate yourself on a normal day, and it’s very good to hydrate yourself when it’s 35 degrees out. It’s also not very good to hydrate yourself with sweet drinks, but you’re so thirsty you don’t care. Neither do we.

Introducing Guan Huat provision shop.

Image: Chong Pang City, Yishun

This provision shop provides a wide variety of necessities for residents living nearby.

But more than that, this place also sells one of the cheapest drinks you can find in Singapore.

Yeo’s packet drinks, bottled beverages, whatever goes.

Here’s a peek at some of the crazy offerings you can find there, and of course we’ve got Facebook Page Singapore Atrium Sale to thank for again.

Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea: $5.80 per carton of 24

That’s $0.24 per packet as the picture helpfully provides.

According to the online shop, NTUC Fairprice sells the same thing at $10.30 ($0.43 per packet) usually, but from now till 31 May, it’s going for $7.85 ($0.32 per packet).

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

That’s a whole 8 cents (per packet) more!

Credits: Singapore Atrium Sale

Or, if you’re feeling wealthy, you can get…

Pokka Green Tea: $7.50 per carton of 24

$0.31 per packet, as seen in the picture.

On the online shop, NTUC Fairprice sells it cheaper than the chrysanthemum tea at $10.20, but it’s not on sale. So the price per packet is $0.43, 12 cents more!

Credits: Singapore Atrium Sale

Can people, there’s no discrimination in the different brands or flavours.

Random Canned Drinks: $1 per 3 cans

Which is $0.33 (333333…) per can if you must know.

From the picture, it seems like H-Two-O, Yeo’s Jasmine Green Tea and Yeo’s Iced Lemon Tea are some of your options.

For comparison, NTUC Fairprice online sells it for $13.90 per 24 cans, $0.58 per can, which saves you 25 cents.

Credits: Singapore Atrium Sale

The fact that you can just buy 3 cans and still get such a deal is also a huge advantage if you’re not the kind who enjoys swimming in the stuff.

To my knowledge, the typical price of one can is $0.80, which is almost an entire 50 cents more.

And if you go to the coffeeshops near our office, one can be up to $1.50 (but of course it’s chilled with ice lah).

Lastly, for the bottle lovers.

$0.80 per bottle

Now, the picture isn’t very clear on which product the price applies to (or maybe it applies to both).

But given the prices that you’ve seen so far, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that a 1.5-litre bottle can go for 80 cents.

Credits: Singapore Atrium Sale

That’s crazy.

The Address

No more banter, just:

Guan Huat Provision Shop, Chong Pang (Yishun), Blk 103 Yishun Ring Rd #01-103, Singapore 760103

For those who are near, patronising the store is a no brainer. But how far would the non-Yishun-ers go for a deal?

After all, rumour has it that the wall didn’t get any funding, but people in Sembawang are using their own money to build the wall with toilet paper. If so, better grab these drinks before the wall is up.

(BTW, that last paragraph is #fakenews #wenowscaredoffakenewsleh)