Survey Shows S’poreans Fear Cockroaches More Than Death, Ghosts & Public Speaking

Last Updated on 2020-11-15 , 6:52 pm

Death is scary. You spend decades on this planet living life to the fullest (i.e. watching Netflix) and then one day it all ends.

And then there’s nothingness.

No family, no consciousness, nothing.

What’s worse is if you know you’re going to die, and you’ll have to say goodbye to everyone and everything you love.

Yeah, it’s pretty scary. But death has nothing on this f*cking guy though:

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Survey: Singaporeans Fear Cockroaches More Than Death, Ghosts & Public Speaking

A survey conducted by British international pollster YouGov revealed Singaporeans’ greatest fears.

By the way, YouGov, despite its name, has nothing to do with our Government.

Their survey had some surprising results though.

Fear drowning the most

Singaporeans were presented with a list of 15 phobias and asked to choose the ones they fear the most.

These included fears like heights, darkness, germs, and spiders.

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According to the survey, Singaporeans fear drowning the most. Fire comes second at 48%, followed by reptiles (47%) and cockroaches (42%).

Yes, Singaporeans fear cockroaches more than loneliness, ghosts, enclosed spaces, and death.

If you think we’re crazy, well, you’ve never encountered a flying cockroach in your house before.

These creepy crawlies have been making us go UGH for centuries. They’ve survived World Wars, natural disasters, and can even live without their heads.

Thankfully, though, they’re no match for a slipper.

But the fact that they’ll keep scurrying around our house at lightning speed with their creepy-looking legs means we’ll continue to fear them, probably till we die.

Different fears for different age groups

Also, as Mothership points out, the survey revealed that different age groups had different fears.

For example, those aged 18 to 24 fear cockroaches (53 percent) the most, while those aged 25 to 34 fear death (53 percent) the most.

It makes sense, I suppose, for you to fear death more the older you get. On the other hand, young people think about death as much as they think about their sodium intake; not at all. They live in the present, and the present is filled with creepy cockroaches.

For those above the age of 35 though, drowning (56 percent) was their biggest fear.

Personally, I don’t think cockroaches are something to fear. I mean, they think they’re so big and scary when they’re actually tiny little babies that couldn’t scare me even if they tri-

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*shivers* OK, I prefer death.

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