Swee Heng Bakery’s $1,360/Hr Job Offer Goes Viral; Amuses Netizens

Image: Facebook (District Singapore), Swee Heng


We all love a highly paid job, don’t we?

And whenever we see a job that states “xxx position (up to $4,000/ month)”, we would definitely hit the “Apply for Job” button.

But every so often, it turns out to be “too good to be true” kind of situation.

Just like what happened to Swee Heng Bakery.

Who’s Swee Heng?

No, we’re not talking about our future PM.

Swee Heng is a Halal-certified bakery store in Singapore.

Image: Facebook (Swee Heng Bakery)

It has an extensive number of stores widely distributed across Singapore.

They are mostly located around residential areas, and just like any other neighbourhood bakery, they sell cakes, bread, and seasonal items!


So, what is it all about with their “too good to be true” job position?

$1,360 Per Hour As Retail Assistant

On 11 September 2019, an image was shared on a Facebook Page, District Singapore, with the caption “$1360/hour who is going interview with me?”

Image: Facebook (District Singapore)

If you can’t see what’s stated in the photo posted, it says:

Hiring Retail Assistant
6am – 2pm & 2pm to 10pm ($1,360/hour)
Night Shift and Weekend Allowance Provided.
Work Location: 26A Chai Chee Road

Did someone just say $1,360 per HOUR?

Image: Giphy

Count me in!

Many netizens have also started asking their friends along for interview, because “good things must share”.

Image: Facebook (District Singapore)

But like I said, when it seems too good to be true, it most probably isn’t.

Bursting the Bubbles

While everyone is excited over the job posting and busy tagging their friends for about the job, Swee Heng had clarified on their Facebook post that it was a typo error.

Luckily Swee Heng had posted about the update soon enough before people start quitting their job.

Image: Facebook (Swee Heng Bakery)

Some facetiously demanded compensation for the false hope given.

Image: Facebook (Swee Heng Bakery)

Some, however, did note that maybe an HR position available soon.

Image: Facebook (Swee Heng Bakery)
Image: Facebook (Swee Heng Bakery)

But we sure hope that’s not the case.

Or maybe promote the HR personnel to the marketing department because this sure is one crafty marketing strategy.

Image: Giphy

Because now you know Swee Heng isn’t some minister who’s going to be promoted soon.


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