Don Don Donki At T3 Changi Airport Closes Permanently Today, Netizens Hope They’ll Shift To Tampines

From sweet potatoes to makeup sponges, Japanese retail stores are like a magic wonderland.

Don Don Donki is one such establishment.

Image: Don Don Donki

With a quirkily cheery name and a similar in-store ambience, they fill up your stomach, sell things you need for cheap, and introduce you to items you never knew you needed!

(You probably really don’t, but I’ll take 37 of those peach-scented toilet paper. Thanks.)

Don Don Donki Closing Their Sweet Potato Factory Outlet

Trusted and loved by many, Don Don Donki currently has eight outlets in Singapore.

Unfortunately, news came in last Thursday (Sep 10) that one of them will be permanently closed today (Sep 13) onwards.

Their Sweet Potato Factory at Changi Airport Terminal 3 has ceased operation.

The cosy store – spanning only 30.8-metre square, in stark contrast to its sprawling contemporaries – officially opened its doors on May 1 last year.

It is a spin-off of the retail store, where the spotlight is trained on their famous sweet potato along with other “mobile snacks”.

Image: Pinkypiggu

The medium-sized baked potatoes chock full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C & good fibre are always selling hot (heh).

Nestled in a heated glass display case and doused in a warm glow, they have enticed countless travellers headed towards Jewel Changi Airport.

Travel Ban Likely Impacted Business

The decision to bow out of the airport is likely a culmination of the Covid-19 travel ban.

With cross-border flying largely restricted for the domestic market, foot traffic is miserable at airports.

So, if you wish to contribute to the chain’s survival, or if you’re already a hardcore fan who consistently spends half your savings there, consider signing up for their Diner’s Club card.

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Apart from unlocking a myriad of benefits, you’ll also get a free pack of masks.

The seven remaining maze-like outlets await, including the largest one yet in Jem.

Netizens Want One in Tampines

Don Don Donki had previously announced their aim to secure a ten-store strong foothold on Singapore’s shores by 2020.

In July, it was reported that a ninth outlet was on course to bring them closer to that goal.

Unfortunately, the closure of the Changi Airport T3 Store sets them back further.

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Anyhoo, since all existing outlets are now exclusive to the Central and West regions, netizens are pleading for the Japanese megastore to set up shop in Tampines. Heck, they even did a market analysis for their convenience.

Image: Facebook

In fact, they already have the perfect spot in mind.

Image: Facebook

You can feel the longing of Tampines residents – the eagerness is almost palpable.

Image: MemesHappen

Maybe it’s time to start a petition?

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