Tai Cheong Eggtarts Set Up Permanent Stall in Holland V with Seats & Air-Con


For all the egg tart lovers, especially those who visited Hong Kong and fell in love with Tai Cheong Bakery’s egg tart there, this is good news for you! The helmed as one of the “best egg tarts in the world” has arrived in Singapore – permanently!

Image: straitstimes.com
Image: straitstimes.com

They are located at 31 Lorong Liput selling their signature egg tart at $1.90 each, coconut tart at $2.50 each, chicken pie at $2.80 each and they even introduced a new durian and cheese tart at $3.60 each into their menu specially for Singapore and sold exclusively in this restaurant. The restaurant can sit up to 60 customers and is fully air conditioned.  

Aside from bringing Singapore favourite into their menu, they brought in a taste of Hong Kong as well. Cha chaang teng dishes such as three-coloured silky eggs with rice at $8.90, three-egg macaroni soup with luncheon meat at $8.50, scrambled egg toast stack at $6.50 and French toast at $6.50.

If you’ve queued for their tarts at their pop-u stalls or takeaway kiosk, and are annoyed by the long queue, fret not, they are reducing waiting time at the restaurant by introducing an SMS system to notify customers when their orders are ready to be collected.

For those who have not tried these egg tarts, you may start wondering what’s so special about this Tai Cheong Bakery’s egg tarts which is loved by so many locals. Chef Au Yeung proudly says (in Cantonese): “The tarts have a smooth texture, the surface is glossy and maintains its shine after baking. The filling doesn’t sink after being out for a long time and, when you eat it, the pastry doesn’t stick to your throat.”

After hearing how the chef describe his egg tarts, is your mouth watering already? I know mine is. Do drop by and visit!

Featured Image: bertieretie.blogspot.sg

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