The famous Tai Cheong bakery from Hong Kong is finally stepping foot in S’pore in July 2016


That’s right guys. The title says it all. For those who are not familiar with the famous Tai Cheong Bakery that hails from the land of awesome possum dim sum, you are seriously missing out on something great.

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We all have to agree that egg tarts are an essential in every dim sum meal. Helmed as the ones with the “best egg tarts in the world”, Tai Cheong Bakery has been globally and locally recognized for their egg tarts, with 14 bustling establishments in Hong Kong. What makes Tai Cheong Bakery different from other bakeries lies in their consistencies and persistence to develop a variety of pastries and cakes through integrating various Chinese and Western elements over 5 decades.  FYI, their egg tarts are so popular that they are even well-loved by the former British Governor, Chris Patten, who has crowned them as his favorite egg tarts ever.

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Unlike the ubiquitous egg tarts that are prepared with flakey crusts, the much-lauded ones at Tai Cheong bakery are made with solid buttery crusts that are well-balanced with the sweet and creamy egg custard fillings. Best part? You can even consume these morsels of heaven at room temperatures and they will still taste equally addictive.

Tai Cheong Bakery 3

The first Tai Cheong Bakery will permanently set foot in the basement of Takashimaya Food Hall in July 2016 as a takeaway store. The eggs tarts will be priced at S$7.60 for a box of 6. The bakery will also be serving other cha chan teng dishes like polo buns, egg rolls, and pastries. Time to brace yourselves for the snaking queues once again!

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