Taiwan Tourism Bureau Giving Away 250,000 Sets of S$218 to Incoming Tourists in Lucky Draw


Last Updated on 2023-05-08 , 11:58 am

If you’re planning your next overseas trip for the upcoming June holidays soon, here’s something that might help you decide.

Previously, you might have also heard of news regarding Taiwan giving incentives to travellers visiting the country.

Yup, gather all your bubble tea-loving friends because the incentive’s here.

From this month (May) onwards, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will conduct lucky draws for travellers visiting Taiwan without tour packages from tour agencies.

In total, 250,000 travellers will be picked in the lucky draw by the end of this year and will receive NT$5000 (approximately S$218) each.

This comes after Taiwan allowed Singaporeans to start visiting Taiwan without visas again on 29 September 2022.


In total, the Taiwan Tourism Board hopes to give out 150,000 sets of the same prizes next year and 100,000 sets in 2025, meaning that a total of 250,000 sets of NT$5,000 will be given out.

The lucky draw will end on 30 June 2025, so there’s still plenty of time to plan your Taiwan trip.

How to Qualify and Register for the Lucky Draw

Firstly, as mentioned earlier, travellers must be travelling “free and easy” in Taiwan to be eligible for the lucky draw, meaning that you can’t travel with a tour group or a package from a tour agency.

Next, travellers must stay in Taiwan for three to 90 days and register for the lucky draw online anytime between one to seven days before reaching Taiwan.

After signing up for the lucky draw, individuals will be issued a unique QR code to scan at any of the lucky draw activity areas at the airports.

These activity areas will be located in the arrival halls of four airports.

The four airports are:

  1. Taoyuan International Airport Terminals 1 and 2
  2. Taipei Songshan Airport
  3. Taichung International Airport
  4. Kaohsiung International Airport

After scanning the QR code, travellers will be able to know if they were selected to win in the lucky draw.

Lastly, the scanning and redemption of prizes must be completed on the day the travellers arrive.

Prizes Available in Different Forms

When signing up for the lucky draw, individuals will be prompted to choose if they would like to receive the prize in the form of a card with a stored value or accommodation vouchers.

For the card with stored value, travellers can choose between the EasyCard (youyouka) or iPASS (yikatong).

However, they can only spend a maximum of NT$1,500 (approximately S$65) in one transaction and a maximum of NT$3,000 (approximately S$130) per day.

As for the accommodation vouchers, they can be used at over 500 hotels.

However, tourists can only use one NT$1,000 (approximately S$43) voucher every time they use the vouchers.


Taiwan Hopes for Number of Singaporean Tourists to Return to Half of Pre-COVID Levels

Beyond the lucky draw, Taiwan previously announced their goal of attracting six million tourists this year.

And it seems like the lucky draw has indeed helped raise its tourism rates, for over 20,000 people have signed up for the lucky draw from 28 April to 1 May.

The top three countries with the most tourists travelling to Taiwan are Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand respectively.

The director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (Singapore) also noted that Taiwan has always been a popular travel destination amongst Singaporeans.

In particular, over 460,000 Singaporeans visited Taiwan in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, the Bureau hopes that the number of from Singapore will return to at least half of pre-COVID levels, meaning that their goal is to attract 230,000 tourists this year.


According to records, there were 40,000 travellers from Singapore to Taiwan in January and February alone.

According to the maths, it seems like the goal of 230,000 is actually rather attainable.

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Singaporeans’ Reaction

And because there’s no secret that all Singaporeans love freebies, here’s what Singaporeans have to say.

Those intending to travel to Taiwan and those recently returning from Taiwan expressed support for the scheme when talking to Lianhe Zaobao.

In particular, Chen Yulin (Hanyu pinyin), who will be visiting Taiwan in June, mentioned that she hopes to be selected as a winner of the accommodation vouchers as she wants to use them to book a hotel in Yilan, a city in the northeast of Taiwan.


On the other hand, a lady named Chen Jinhua recently returned from Taiwan with her family and said they intend to revisit Taiwan in 2025.

She added that she hopes to win the card with stored value to buy items at convenience stores.

For more information about the lucky draw, you can visit the lucky draw page here.

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