Taiwan Famous Fried Chicken Chain By Nono Opening In Jurong East

Listen up, fried chicken lovers!

As you may already know from reading one of our previous articles, the famous Korean fried chicken brand, “Mom’s Touch” is about to open its first store in Singapore, at Paya Lebar Quarter.

Well, on top of that, we have even more good news for you. There’s going to be another brand-new fried chicken store for you to check out – and this time, it’s coming all the way from Taiwan.

And a wise man once said, “Anything from Taiwan is goody. Just look at bubble teas.”

Monga Fried Chicken Will Be Arriving in Singapore

Taiwanese Comedian Nono’s Monga Fried Chicken will be opening its first-ever outlet in Singapore this September, at JEM.

Image: Monga Fried Chicken Singapore’s Facebook Page

Its name “Monga” comes from the Wanhua district of Taiwan, which is Taipei’s oldest district and also home to the bustling Snake Alley night market.

Monga has about 45 other branches in its home country Taiwan, and also has outlets worldwide, in countries like Canada, the U.K., and Malaysia.

The brand was created by none other than famous Taiwanese comedian Nono, who is well known for his amusing personality on variety shows, and Liu Mingdao, the king of Taiwanese Fried Chicken.

Yes, that Nono.

Image: IMDb

One can only wonder if Jacky Wu’s going to come and try it out.

Their Chicken is At Least 2-cm Thick 

You must be wondering how Monga Fried Chicken could possibly stand out among all the other fried chicken brands out there. I mean, they all do the same thing – make fried chicken.

Well, how about the fact that they sell humongous, juicy slabs of chicken cutlet that are at least two centimetres thick?

Image: Monga Fried Chicken’s Facebook Page

You’re lying if you say you’re not drooling right now.

Image: Tenor

The incredible thickness of the chicken fillet ensures that it remains firm and satisfyingly juicy even after being deep-fried.

Instead of the usual white granulated sugar, Monga Fried Chicken uses honey to marinate the chicken, which makes it more tender. The cutlets are then coated in buttermilk batter before being fried – not once, but twice.

Three Flavours Available

We can expect to see three different flavours of their fried chicken fillet in Singapore – The King (salt and pepper seasoning), Hot Chick (seasoned with chilli paprika powder made out of Anaheim peppers) and The Taiker (dusted with Japanese sauce and seaweed powder).

Image: Monga Fried Chicken’s Facebook Page

 Can I get all three, please?

You are also able to upgrade your chicken cutlet to a full meal by ordering from a variety of drink + side combos. Some of their sides include Seaweed FriesSweet Potato Fries with Plum Powder, and Fried Chicken Skin.

Sounds like yum yum in my tum.

The prices of their chicken and set meals are yet to be confirmed, but meanwhile, you can keep a lookout on their Facebook and Instagram pages for further updates!

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