Taiwan Nail Salon Engaged Shirtless Hunks to Do Manicures & Pedicures During Mother’s Day

While some of us may have struggled to come up with a unique and meaningful Mother’s Day present last week, the choice of gift couldn’t be more obvious for some in Taiwan.

Last Friday (6 May), ahead of Mother’s Day, a nail salon in Taoyuan, Taiwan made the following announcement on their Facebook page:

They announced their special event involving handsome hunks conducting manicure services on Mother’s Day.

And boy did their actual event live up to the hype.

On 8 May (Mother’s Day) after the event, the nail salon, EN. nails salon, uploaded the following photographs to their Facebook page:

In the photos, two shirtless hunks were seen bringing up colour palettes for customers to choose from and carefully applying nail polish for the mothers who visited the shop, all while holding “Best Mom Ever” signs in the name of Mother’s Day.

Wait, hunks that can actually apply nail polish properly? Sign me u-

Needless to say, it probably wasn’t a boring afternoon at the shop, and I’m sure that the mothers who came had a pretty interesting experience themselves.

Of course, I’m not sure if the mothers really picked their favourite colours for their manicure, or if they just chose the colours that were nearest to the guys’ hands lah.

Another video showed the same two hunks, now in thin beige aprons, carrying out what appeared to be some kind of hand treatment or massage.

And hey, even though Taiwan hasn’t opened its borders to tourists yet, you can always hope for a chance to fly over and enjoy the same services next year.

To many people’s delight, the services were rather reasonably priced as well, with a monochrome gel manicure costing NT$900 (approximately S$42).

And if manicures aren’t really your thing, the salon also has eyebrow threading and ear candling services, although it’s unsure as to whether or not you’ll still have the hunks serving you.

In the Facebook posts, the boss of the salon also cheekily said through hashtags that it’s difficult to be a boss of a business now, and that they have to keep thinking of innovative and unique ideas to attract customers’ attention.

The owner even jokingly left a comment in the comments section, saying that they might even need to get Taiwanese singer-actor and former Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan to churn milkshakes for customers.

Of course, they added a “(kidding)” at the end of their comment.

Apart from manicures, the beauty salon also offers eyebrow threading and ear candling services.

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Netizens’ Reactions

To no one’s surprise, netizens were incredibly excited to see such services being available, and many even left comments in the comments section asking if the salon would be organising a similar event soon.

Others also said that the event was adorable, and that they wanted to participate in the next round of it as well.

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Featured Image: Facebook (EN. nails salon 日式 美甲 沙龍)