Taiwan Singer Stella Chang Suddenly Announced Her Divorce With Banker Husband


It’s something that binds people together. Some worked out while others don’t.

And even when a couple may seem to be perfectly loving and fine, that’s not always the case.

Taiwan Singer Stella Chang Suddenly Announced Her Divorce With Banker Husband

53-year-old Taiwanese singer Stella Chang and her 67-year-old banker husband, Sung Hsueh-jen, were seen to have such a strong marriage because of how happy they seemed together.

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Unfortunately, it has just been announced by Chang on Monday that they have decided to proceed with a divorce.

This news obviously shocked many because of the image that they portrayed. Furthermore, there were reports in May that he had gifted her a NT$200 million (~S$9.5 million) mansion in Taipei.

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They were married since 2005 and the couple has two sons, one aged 13 and the other aged 14. Mr Sung also has a daughter from his previous marriage.

Couldn’t Get Over Differences

They released a joint statement which said: “We have decided to divorce as we could not overcome the differences between both parties. We are unable to resolve the issues even though we have tried, so we agreed to a divorce last year. We have chosen to complete the legal process when the children are on summer vacation this year. Although we will not be husband and wife in the future, we are still the parents of our children. The children will not lose the love of either party due to our divorce.”

Both of them have also urged the public not to speculate on the reasons for their split because it would affect their kids. They also specifically asked everyone not to question their family or friends.

Well, a divorce is a very private matter. They have already spoken out to the public about their divorce, so let’s all respect their privacy and not probe further.

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Who is Stella Chang?

Image: Amazon

In case you didn’t know, Chang was a huge hit and was deemed as one of the top artists in the Chinese music industry in the 1990s.

She was famous for songs like Married, I’m Still Young, and Men’s Talk. She was so popular that she was even named one of the four divas in the 1990s along with famous names like A-mei, Faye Wong, and Sandy Lam.

Over the years, she has released more than 30 albums and was even awarded the Best Female Vocalist Mandarin at the Golden Melody Awards in two different years: 1994 and 1997.

She was later introduced to Mr Sung by Taiwanese television host Chang Hsiao-yen, and that was when their romance started.

After she got married, she moved to Hong Kong and was no longer active in the entertainment industry because Mr Sung reportedly wanted her to focus on building their family instead.

In 2015, she moved back to Taiwan and after a long discussion with Mr Sung, he relented and she went on to hold a concert tour in Singapore, Taipei, and Kaohsiung that stretched between late 2015 and early 2016.

Isaac Chen, a good friend of Chang who is also managing her affairs, announced that she doesn’t intend to return to the entertainment industry for now.

Divorce proceedings are probably taking a toll on both of them so it’s understandable that returning to singing is not her number one priority.

So while you may be a big fan of her, please continue to await her comeback and support her during this difficult time.

And remember, don’t speculate.

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