Taiwan Tourism Bureau in S’pore Making ‘Big Announcement’ on 5 Aug

With the next school holidays being a month away, you might have been thinking of possible travel destinations for the upcoming holidays.

Or maybe you’re keeping a list of destinations to consider when you clear your annual leave at the end of the year, assuming you haven’t used it all up by then.

Regardless of why you’ve been thinking about travel, I’m sure most of us will agree that being cooped up in Singapore for the past two years or so has made us crave travelling much more than before.

And if you’re still trying to figure out which countries have opened up their borders to tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic forced most countries to shut their borders, here’s a treat for you.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Singapore’s Announcement on Facebook

Yes, we might get to go back to the land of bubble tea and huge fried chicken cutlets soon.

Even though Taiwan has been keeping their borders shut to tourists throughout this pandemic, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Singapore recently uploaded a Facebook post that might be worth jotting down in your travel notes.

In the Facebook post uploaded yesterday (1 August), the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Singapore announced that “The wait is almost over”, and that a “Big reveal” will take place on 5th August, which is later this week.

And I’m not saying that Taiwan’s definitely reopening its borders, but hey, we can hope, right?

Prior to this post, the Bureau also announced that they will be holding a live stream on Facebook tomorrow (3 August) to provide interested netizens with more information regarding different attractions and new places to visit in Taiwan.

Netizens’ Reactions

Of course, after being deprived of travel for most of the past two years, netizens were naturally excited at the possibility of Taiwan’s borders reopening soon.

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In the comments section, some Facebook users speculated that Taiwan might actually be reopening its borders, while others expressed their excitement at the prospect of being able to travel again soon.

Several netizens also wished for quarantine-free trips to Taiwan soon, and the comments sections of Facebook posts clearly aren’t wishing wells, but it surely doesn’t hurt for us to try making wishes there.

And one user voiced out the wishes of all Pokémon fans, writing “I want to go Pokémon go fest in Oct … open border pls” in her comment.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Singapore)