Taufik Batisah Clarifies That He’s Not Quitting Showbiz to be a Property Agent


My name is Taufik Batisah, and I am your Singapore Idol property agent.

Yes, you’ve heard that right, our Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah is venturing into the property business.

Before you hold up your pitchforks (or microphone stands), I want to clarify that he isn’t quitting singing.

Understandable Misconception

You might have read recently that Taufik has fully transitioned into becoming a property agent under PropNex, and when presented this screenshot with this context, it’s hard to refute.

Image: Mothership

Well, a whole bunch of people thought he was going to permanently and fully become a property agent.

Even his brother gave a pretty vague description of what he was going to do.

But rest assured folks, the OG Singapore Idol has posted a video on his Instagram page, explaining exactly what was going on.

The Clarification

Taufik posted the following video on 23 September 2019.

In it, he clarified that he was not going to quit singing. In fact, for him, it was an expansion to his repertoire of skills.

As we all know, Taufik Batisah started with being just a singer, but did you know he also expanded into songwriting, music producing and acting?

And no, they’re not all the same thing.

And then, he decided to try out entrepreneurship and started up his own fried chicken shop, ‘Chix Hot Chicken’.

I’m tempted to go try out that fried, crispy chicken.

What better way to take a further step in his journey in entrepreneurship than a collaboration with his brother, a long-time property agent with more than half a decade of experience under his belt?


A Collaboration With His Brother

The new business collaboration between the two will be aptly named ‘Batisah Brothers Property’.

Straightforward but catchy.

To clarify, I couldn’t find a business entity called ‘Batisah Brothers Property’ over on BizFile, and looking at their suits in this photo, they’re two property agents working under PropNex doing business together.

The singer, who “constantly pushes himself to take on new challenges”, has also started an Instagram page @batisahbrosproperty, along with the hashtag #rumahkatmane to push his new business venture. The Instagram page currently has over 1k followers.


Not bad for a new business.

We’ve been in business for so many years and we can’t even hit more than 8K followers in our Instagram. So help us out a little by following us on Instagram here, please pretty?

What About Music?

As I’ve said before, Taufik has clarified that he’s not leaving music for his property business.

But I’m wondering how much can a person do before he’s too busy for anything else?

Though I do have hope if it’s Taufik since he has already successfully started his own fried chicken shop, with no indication of quitting singing after he did.

Now the only question remains, would you buy property from the former Singapore Idol?


Or would people call him just to hear him sing