71YO Taxi Driver Died from Heart Attack in His Taxi at North Bridge Road

While the saying “The Streets are Like the Jaws of Death” definitely applies to any drivers who drive along the roads, some of the most unfortunate incidents may take place within vehicles as well.

Just two days ago (23 June), a 71-year-old taxi driver was found dead in his taxi along North Bridge Road after he apparently suffered a heart attack.

SCDF Informed of Incident in the Evening

When speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) explained that SCDF was informed of the incident at around 6.15pm on Thursday (23 June).

After receiving a call for help, paramedics reached the scene.

There was a yellow CityCab taxi stationed along North Bridge Road near Block 10, and the taxi was completely stationary at that point in time.

It was later confirmed that the 71-year-old taxi driver had

They later confirmed that the taxi driver inside had passed away.

Video of Incident Recorded

During the incident, videos were recorded and uploaded to social media sites where netizens claimed that the taxi had been stationed at the side of the road since morning.

The video also showed multiple police officers having to lift the taxi driver out of his vehicle at 7.44pm that night. The man’s body had already undergone rigor mortis and was stiffened at that point in time.

The police officers placed the driver on a white sheet that was laid on the ground before covering his body with a black sheet.

There were also photos on social media that captured the taxi being covered with a white sheet and the area of the incident being cordoned off with police tape.

Videos circulating online also showed that the police were at the scene until around 8pm that night, which meant that they spent around two hours investigating the scene.

Classified as Unnatural Death

The police later confirmed that the driver’s death has been classified as unnatural death.

Based on initial investigations, the police do not suspect foul death.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

They’ve also classified the case as an unnatural death.

On the other hand, based on various Facebook photos and videos, Shin Min suggested that the man’s death might be due to a heart attack.

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ComfortDelGro’s Response

When speaking to Shin Min, ComfortDelGro’s group corporate communications officer Ms Tammy Tan expressed her sorrow regarding the incident.

She added that ComfortDelGro has contacted the deceased’s family members, and that the company will do its best to aid the family in their grieving process.

The company will also be cooperating fully with police investigations.

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