18YO Tried to Cut Safety Rope of Construction Worker Cleaning Windows on the 27th Floor


Upon reading the headline, I’m sure your response is probably the same as mine…

Reader: Dude, why?

There’s nothing to gain from endangering a construction worker’s life, unless there’s a personal vendetta against said construction worker (which he didn’t), and just the act alone is frankly appalling and reprehensible.

Worst still?

That’s not the only bad thing that the teen did.

Just… Keep reading, and you’ll understand what I mean.

First: The Cutting of the Gondola’s Safety Rope

While a construction worker was cleaning the windows on the 27th floor of a building at Bayshore Road, he suddenly noticed that the safety rope attached to his gondola was partially cut at the 26th floor.


Hence, he stopped cleaning immediately and reported the matter to his supervisor.

It’s fortunate that the construction worker discovered it early, because the consequences would be unimaginable if he didn’t.

On Thursday (3 March), an 18-year-old admitted that he partially cut the rope in May 2018, an act that endangered the safety of another individual.

His motive for doing so was so not disclosed.


Because the accused was a minor at the time of his offence, his name cannot be mentioned.

A Whole Other List of Charges

Shockingly enough, the court heard that the rope-cutting wasn’t the only deplorable thing the teen had done.

Between Jan and Mar 2016, he molested a 13-year-old classmate by brushing his hand against her upper thigh and buttock over her clothes.

In December 2017, he found a can of lubricant that had been thrown away and “thought it would be funny” to spray it on the lift buttons to make them slippery.

His act of spraying the lubricant on the lift buttons at the Bayshore Road building diminished their utility, so he was charged with one count of mischief.

On 29 Oct 2018, he made use of his friend’s phone to prank-call the police, saying: “I was kidnapped. Don’t kill me, don’t kill me.”

On 9 Sep 2019, the teen confessed that he stole two packets of instant noodles worth S$5 after the café had closed.

In Oct 2021, he also tricked two people by making them believe he was selling an in-game item from the game Growtopia. He continued to run this fraud on other players, swindling a total sum of S$511 from them.

For this crime, he has made full restitution to his victims.

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Court Proceedings and Sentencing

In summary, the teen pleaded guilty to one count of outrage of modesty, mischief, transmitting a false message to the police, and theft, as well as two counts of cheating.


Another nine charges will be taken into account before the final sentencing.

Before that, the judge has also called for a probation suitability report, as requested by the defence and prosecution.

The accused will return to court for sentencing in April.

And no, he didn’t do a backflip at a rhino enclosure.

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