11 Telegram Channels About Deals in S’pore You Need to Join if You’re a Kiasu S’porean

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Telegram has become one of the most sought-after mass communication hubs when it comes to procuring information, and deal listings are no different.

Over the last couple of years, numerous deal-dedicated channels have emerged on the communication platform, with as many as 150,000 users subscribed to each.

But which Telegram channels are actually actively updated, and are they, for lack of a better phrase, reliable in a sense?

Well, lest you’re wondering that, worry not because we have compiled a list for you to peruse from.

And so, without further ado, here are 11 Telegram Channels About Deals In Singapore for you to find an absolute banging promotion during this outbreak period. And before you say it;

You’re welcome.

1. SG Kiasu Foodies [Discounts/Promos]

It’s a known fact that humans can’t go without food. Though rather than it being a basic human necessity, it’s more of the case that it’s a pleasure in life we simply can’t go without.

Living without the likes of cheese cakes, sushi and freshly grilled chicken breast?

It’s near unimaginable.

And so, leave it to this food-dedicated channel to bring us all the best deals in Singapore so that we, thankfully, can enjoy all the delicacies without having to break the bank.

Image: Telegram (SG Kiasu Foodies [Discounts/Promotions]
With 153,553 subscribers and frequent updatesSG Kiasu Foodies [Discounts/Promos] is a great channel for you to attain the latest food-related deals.

And if I may say so, they are usually lip-smacking ones too.

You can join the channel via this link.

2. GoodLobang

With 139,094 subscribers and regular updates on just about everything under the sun (legal and otherwise societally acceptable ones anyway), GoodLobang would certainly appeal to all the budding ‘generalists’ out there.

Image: Telegram (GoodLobang)

Not gonna lie; life would certainly get a lot more interesting with the variation of deals on this particular channel.


You can join the channel via this link.

3. SG Food Deals

With 95,464 subscribers and regular updates, SG Food Deals is a great channel for you to scour the latest deals and promotions on… you guessed it.

Awesome, breathtaking food.

Image: Telegram (SG Food Deals)

You can join the channel via this link.

4. SG Daily Deals & Lifestyle Hacks

Owned by E-commerce company Shopback, SG Daily Deals & Lifestyle hacks has a cool 8,328 subscribers to its name, and offers regular updates on the best deals around town.


Image: Telegram (SG Daily Deals & Lifestyle Hacks)

And lest you’re sleeping on it; the lifestyle hacks are certainly a great boon too.

You can join the channel via this link.

5. Great Deals Singapore

With 8,556 subscribers and near-daily updates, Great Deals Singapore is as its name implies:

A great channel for you to scour the latest deals in Singapore.


Image: Telegram (Great Deals Singapore)

You can join the channel via this link.

6. sgAirFarePromos

With travel bubbles set to be a thing, now’s the best time to consider all your long-overdue holiday options, and nab the best deals available on the market.

And with 27,764 subscribers and a line-up of interesting promotions, sgAirFarePromos is a respectable platform that will get you where you want…

At an affordable, bank-saving promotional price.


Image: Telegram (sgAirfarePromos)

You can join the channel via this link.

7. SG Food Lobang

With 23,945 subscribers, very consistent updates and an array of tempting food-related offers, SG Food Lobang may not be the most popular channel on this list…

But it sure has the makings of one.

Image: Telegram (SG Food Lobang)


You can join the channel via this link.

8. SG Tech & Games

This one’s for all the techies and self-proclaimed gamers out there.

Boasting 3,336 subscribers and a reasonably active line-up of tech and game-related deals, SG Tech & Games is a great channel for you to get in touch with the digital world, all at a more than affordable price.

Image: Telegram (SG Tech & Games)

You can join the channel via this link.


9. SG Fashion Deals!

Although SG Fashion Deals! is admittedly not as “popular” as the rest on this list (yet), do not let that notion fool you;

It’s just as wholesome, if not even more, as the other 9 candidates.

Equipped with consistent updates on the latest go-arounds in the fashion (deal) industry, SG Fashion Deals is an optimal way for you to source the cheapest options available, in the most convenient way possible.

Image: Telegram (SG Fashion Deals!)

You can join the channel via this link.


10. SG New Movies & Shows

With 14,420 subscribers and regular updates, SG New Movies & Shows is a great channel to satiate all your movie-related cravings.

Although it’s kinda unorthodox in the sense that it’s not exactly deal-specific, this channel still offers a healthy dose of cinema deals.


Image: Telegram (SG New Movies & Shows)

Plus, it provides the latest movie releases on a dutiful basis.


A movie ‘broker’ that doubles as an information supplier? You have me hooked.

You can join the channel via this link.

11. Singapore Atrium Sale

If this sounds familiar, then you should be an avid Facebook user. The successful Facebook page that goes around Singapore to look for worthy deals is on Telegram, too.

If the Facebook algorithm has buried some goody deals by Singapore Atrium Sale, then this channel would make sure that you won’t miss another sale.


You can join the channel via this link.

12. Bonus: Goody Feed Telegram Channel

I’m obviously being forced by my boss to plug this (and also join this) channel, but with 30,892 subscribers and the occasional deals, it’s still worth a join.

Also, there are other interesting articles and videos lest you’re bored of waiting for a deal.

You can -I mean, you must – join the channel via this link.