Temasek Foundation Giving Free Mouth Gargle to All S’pore Households from 15 Nov

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The Temasek Foundation has been pretty generous during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has carried out several distribution exercises for free masks, hand sanitiser, and even oximeters.

Some recipients actually use these masks, sanitiser, and oximeters, while others unsurprisingly put them up for sale on Carousell.

This time, the foundation is giving out something that won’t clean our hands, but will certainly keep our mouths minty fresh.

Temasek Foundation Giving Free Mouth Gargle to All S’pore Households from 15 Nov

As you know, there are many upsides to wearing a mask; you don’t have to smile or wear makeup, and you are less likely to spread viruses. But the downside is that you’re constantly reacquainted with your bad breath, an old friend you thought you’d seen the last of.

Fortunately for all of us, the Temasek Foundation is giving out free mouth gargle to all Singapore households!

From 15 Nov to 10 Dec, interested households can register for the mass distribution exercise. They will then be able to collect a 250ml bottle of mouth gargle for free from 22 Nov to 12 Dec.

Those living in one to four-room HDB flats will receive an additional small bottle (125ml) of mouth gargle. There’s no need to collect this one, as it’ll be delivered to your letterbox by SingPost between 25 October and 19 November. You do not need to register for this small additional bottle.

Why Use Mouth Gargle?

Aside from keeping your partner happy, why would one use mouth gargle?

Well, as explained on the Stay Prepared website, the povidone-iodine mouth gargle that will be distributed can kill germs that cause sore throat.

“As Singapore adapts to living with COVID-19 as an endemic infection, it is important for everyone to remain cautious and diligent in keeping ourselves and the community safe. Vaccinations and other measures like mask wearing help to reduce the spread of illnesses in our community,” the website said.

Dr A B John, an ear, nose, and throat specialist, said that viral droplets are usually concentrated at points of entry, such as in the mouth, throat, and back of the nose.

“Our mouth and salivary glands can then become a reservoir for viruses and bacteria,” he said.

So, in using mouth gargle, we are attacking the points of entry and reducing the viral load in our mouth, throat, and nose. This can help curb the spread of viruses like COVID-19, Dr John said.

He added that it would be a good practice to use a mouth gargle that contains povidone-iodine after any suspected exposure to COVID-19, especially in a high-risk environment, or when community cases are high.


However, the following groups of people are advised not to use mouth gargles or throat sprays with povidone-iodine:

  • pregnant women
  • those allergic to povidone-iodine
  • those with thyroid disease

The collection for the mouth gargle begins on 22 Nov, so don’t be surprised to see a flurry of Carousell listings for mouth gargle that day.

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